Reddit users found that some fraudulent resources and exchanges use URLs similar to those of popular crypto-exchanges, such as Binance and Bittrex. Just by entering the “fake” site once – fraudsters already have access to account details, with which they can immediately use for withdraws.

Careful traders and investors always pay attention to the green lock and the inscription “Protected” in the address bar: it means the site uses a secure HTTPS connection. Sites that work with personal information must encrypt their data. A special SSL-certificate confirms the authenticity of the site and ensures the encryption`s reliability.

Unfortunately, scammers have found ways to get SSL certificates for sites whose addresses are only slightly different from the original. While it is not clear how exactly they are able to do so, it isn’t so difficult: many organizations are involved in issuing those certificates, and often they simply do not check the applications very carefully. It might sound ridiculous, but sometimes it’s not easy to notice two tiny dots under the URL. On Reddit, one user noted: “I have known about this trick for a long time, but still did not immediately notice the dots in the phishing addresses.” Also, they can be easily mistaken for dust particles on a monitor – this is what scammers count on.

Criminals place links to “fake” sites on forums and social media, send them by e-mail or advertise on Google. The best way to avoid scammers is to enter the correct URL in the address bar manually. If you access that site often, add it to your bookmarks. As closely as possible, look at the URLs of websites where personal data, or payment details are required. There are also useful and safe browser extensions developed specifically for cryptocurrency resources.

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Author; Bitnews Today
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