Crypto exchanges earn hefty profits on fees, and those who penny pinch usually miss out on Bitcoin’s bull runs because they don’t want to be giving away 5% – 10% in commissions for their initial USD or EURO deposits, and forget about the greater good for which Bitcoin was originally designed for: A decentralized payment tool and store of data.

Lamium is here to help Bitcoiners save as much as possible on fees, and receive Bitcoin at market rates.

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Lamium has positioned itself as a decentralized payment platform, sort of like, where users help one another with real life billing and invoicing payments made in EUR, USD or CHF and in return pay with or receive Bitcoin.

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The platform boasts 3 products:

1. A bill payment service, where individuals or businesses upload bills (ex.: rent, phone, utilities) and pay them in Bitcoin. No registration is needed for this service; simply upload your bill, deposit your bitcoin and a volunteer from the platform takes care of the payment for you in EUR or CHF.

2. An invoicing service geared towards businesses and freelancers, who have the chance to have their clients, pay in USD, EUR or CHF, but in return receive their compensation in Bitcoin. The payees do not need to be registered with Lamium in order to pay you, but you do.

3. Due to the above services offered, it would make sense for to offer a simple buy/sell Bitcoin service to its users, only charging a low commission rate of 1.97% per transaction.

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A major goal for the platform is to stay decentralized. Lamium is always looking for new volunteers who are open to helping others with bill payments or receiving funds from invoices, and because of these transactions, these volunteers tend to buy or sell bitcoin at market rates avoiding the commissions. If this is of interest to you, contact Lamium’s business development manager Rodik via:

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Use the promo code: DollarDestruction on the Lamium website. And pay only 0.98% on all transactions for your first 2 months. It doesn’t get any better than Lamium!

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