To be able to collect you Dollar Destruction winnings, you will need access to an ERC20 Wallet.
If you have one then you don’t need to worry about this part, if you don’t then that’s ok. As we’ve made this easy step by step guide to follow, so that you can have your own personal Crypto wallet, just like the purse you have at home for your notes and change.

First go on the web and access this link:
Make sure that you use this exact address, as scammers have been making sites up that look like MyEtherWallet, then taking what ever is inside peoples wallets once the process is complete.

You will then be greeted with this screen:

 Enter a strong but easy to remember password. Do not forget it!

This encrypts (protects) your private key. It does not generate your private key. This password alone will **not** be enough to access your Ether Wallet.

Click the “Create New Wallet”

Download your Keystore / UTC file & save this file to a USB drive.

This is the encrypted version of your private key. You need the password to access it. It is safer than your un-encrypted private key but you must have your password to access it in the future.

Read the warning. If you understand it, click the “I understand. Continue” button.

Print your paper wallet backup and/or carefully hand-write the Private Key on a piece of paper.

If you do print it off, it should look something like this:

If you are writing it, it is recommend you write it 2 or 3 times. This decreases the chance your messy handwriting will prevent you from accessing your wallet later on, due to the fact some of the numbers/letters will be in upper or lower case.

You can also copy and paste your Address and Private Key into a document somewhere.

Unlock your new wallet from the Keystore / UTC file on your USB drive or via the Private Key that you printed out. This is usually easier, by going back to the MyEtherWallet Home page and then clicking on the “View Wallet Info” tab. (See below)

You will be greeted with another screen, where you will click on the Private Key selection and then put your Private Key into the Red Selection box (See below)


Once you Private Key has been entered and selected, you should hopefully be able to access your wallet. (See below for example)

Obviously you won’t have any Tokens in the Wallet if you’ve just created it, but this is where we will send your winnings, if you are the chosen winner. You’ll see the Tokens by accessing the or links on that page.

You don’t have to just use this for your winnings from us, there’s a whole host of other ERC20 Cryptocurrency tokens to purchase and hold in this wallet.

Hopefully this will encourage you to realise that cryptocurrencies aren’t as scary as you think and that you can use them.

We will be using them as payment in the future, so it’s best to have a heads up how to use/store them now, so you don’t get left behind in the future.

GOOD LUCK to everybody taking part in our Competition. I hope that someone makes use of this great prize, with many more on their way, so keep posted and looking on the site, plus our amazingly engaging Social Media feeds.