Explore the AR-world of IZX and get real benefits

Explore the AR-world of IZX and get real benefits

What is special about the IZX game?

The company applies the concept of the AR gameplay to loyalty programs. Usually, to increase the loyalty of their customers, companies give out discount coupons and promo codes. That’s nice, but not really interesting. IZX offers a different approach.

Customers need to find and catch tokens scattered in the streets of their cities. After this tokens can be exchanged for gifts, discounts or special offers. That’s a fascinating and challenging game for those who are ready to hunt for tokens located in hard-to-get-to places and exchange them for valuable prizes.

Conventional advertising, predictable marketing & standard promotion channels are in the past. Today you have to work hard to keep your target audience engaged. Or, just join the game!

Gaming is interesting, exciting, stress & carefree. In addition, if the game combines the latest technologies, such as blockchain and augmented reality, it is even more attractive to the young people.

IZX is changing the approach to ad campaigns. This is the future that starts right now.

What also distinguishes IZX?

This project utilizes another popular modern technology — blockchain. The tokens are stored in the blockchain, which makes all transactions conducted on the platform reliable and secure.

And most importantly — using IZX platform you can:

  • get valuable prizes and discounts
• become a trapper of crypto-currencies
• exchange game tokens for bitcoins, ethers and other cryptocurrency
• create your own unique games
• innovate your business

With IZX everything is easier — anyone can get benefits:

  • The player benefits from the possibility of exchanging game tokens for cryptocurrency, as well as discounts and services from advertisers-partners of the platform.
  • Partners benefit from the influx of people into their institutions.
  • Mobile developers use the platform and get a unique chance to monetize their ideas with the help of modern technology product.

Now IZX is already a realized airdrop platform where other ICO projects place their tokens.

Every day more and more large business networks, restaurants, shops and schools join IZX platform.

11 projects
194k airdrop tokens gathered

19 businesses
13k gift tokens gathered

How to quantify the IZX impact?

IZX is able to reach high-quality audience that understands gaming and blockchain technology. Some data about our users:

  •  67k downloads in 8 month
  •  250 daily gaming man-hours
  •  200 user base from over 50 countries
  •  1,000 KM walked daily by our users using the app
  •  25k MAU

In September of 2018 IZX will enter a crypto exchange.

IZX Crowd Sale is LIVE and you can get IZX tokens with 0.2 ETH minimum buy. The price for 1 IZX ERC-20 is 0.01 USD.

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