TRON Price Prediction 2018

Tron Price Prediction 2018
Okay, I’ve given the factors I’m looking at in terms of TRX. I think this article, as well, covers the recent news and tech items from TRON that are outside of price prediction but obviously tied to it. A coin needs to perfrom and progress (or should need to anyway, though this market is still heavily irrational) to see its coin retain value.
So where does TRX land?
Let’s start with the hardest one, pure USD price. I think TRX has a ton of momentum going for it. I think trading pairs, especially if we see CNY enter the equation, could really blow this thing up. China adds even more intrigue of possibility. I see TRX going up. And in the next 5 months, I could see it going as high as $.065–or six and a half cents. That’d be a strong recovery from this point, but just a bit above where it was in May 2018. That’s achievable, and would give TRX a market cap of over $4.2 billion (based on current circulating supply numbers), a bit higher than EOS is at current moment (and I think TRX has more momentum for usability than EOS at the moment).

Next, Satoshis. So where does TRON/TRX come in in relation to BTC by the end of 2018? Well, we’d have to predict where BTC gets to, a whole other article and something that’s been covered by experts at all angles. Estimates are anywhere from $1 to $25,000 that I’ve seen, which I think are both highly unlikely of course.


I’m bullish on crypto and BTC making a comeback, but I don’t see it making the bump that I see in TRX (200%+) in 5 months. So I think BTC will settle somewhere near $8k-$11k through the rest of the year; so I would see a Satoshi range of anywhere from 590 sats to 825 sats. I think it will be a year or two more for coins to seriously move away from BTC so if a coin like TRX starts to make serious moves, it will be bullish for crypto at large, likely moving BTC up. Of course, vice versa is very true as well.

And lastly, TRON price as compared to the entire market. Right now, TRON represents less than 1% of the total market (somewhere around .07%). I do expect TRON to outperform the market at large, but the other factor is new coins entering the market, and many of those will come on the back so large ICOs, bringing in more millions to the market. SO even if TRON outperforms current coins by 5%, it could be equalized by ICOs. ICOs raised $6.3 billion in just Q1 of 2018 alone (surpassing all of 2017), so it needs to be considered.
Still, if I think TRX is due for the bump that I predicted in pure USD price, it will outpace the market even with the new influx. So my prediction is that by year’s end, we’ll see TRON occupying somewhere from 1.1-1.4% of the total crypto market (which would be something like a $375 and $525 billion market, in line I would think with the 8k-11k BTC).

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