Peoples Token aim to Connect Investors via it’s ‘Community Platform’

Even the most casual of observers has heard of the recent rise of the cryptocurrency market. Those of us who are already part of the ecosystem know that the market is yet to grow. With the ascendance of blockchain, there are huge numbers of opportunities for traders, entrepreneurs, and startups. But right now cryptocurrencies are struggling with a problem typical of emerging economies: the difficulty of obtaining full decentralization of token and legitimate liquidity. A lot of cryptocurrency ICOs pay for ratings and advertisements and fail later on. Paid ratings and marketing techniques are only ways of selling the token without proper deployment of products later on. How can any investor make the right move of investing in the right ICO? With these market dimensions in mind, Peoples Token seeks to develop a collaborative platform and a community (PPL Community) to connect investors of all levels of experience. Using the Community platform, investors will have access to the decentralized development of the token projects which is an Open Opportunity for any developer of the community to avail funds from the PPL community based on voting.

PPL token aims to form a decentralized collaborative community that thrives together with the token and ascertain the development of various projects that uses “PPL token”. The community will be managed by equal participation of all PPL token holders and will strive forward for multiple project developments open for community participants. Such project developments in the interest of community members are open for development to any / all participants, project development funds will be provided from crowdsale collected funds.

For such purpose, 40% of the token crowdsale fund will be reserved for funding new projects which will be open for all community members and developers. This will give an opportunity to explore the mass of developers who already have their ideas and plans but lack basic funds for a startup. Projects will have to incorporate the use of PPL Token as a mainstream utility token in it to ensure access by all PPL Community members. Fund allocation will be dependent on community voting. Community voting and discussions will be supported by PPL Forum – a platform where all the community members will discuss and explore ideas, topics, blockchain news, etc.

Meanwhile, Peoples Token team have decided to develop and launch the dedicated wallet for PPL tokens at the earliest. The wallet will be supported in android and ios devices. The wallet will include an internal exchanger where users will be able to trade with each other in the interface. Wallet will support ERC-20 tokens and basic pairs such as BTC/PPL, ETH/PPL, Altcoin/PPL.

PPL team is also hiring developers for the project and plan to extend out first to community members. Members who would like to take part in the project and work for the development can contact at the earliest. Funds for the project will not be taken from community project fund as it will be completely developed by PPL team. More updates and details will be published later as the team is working on the project progress. The first look of the wallet GUI design is now published. After ICO ends, an updated community forum is planned to be released which will be followed up by this project.


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