The digital asset market is beginning to calm down after the nerve wrecking storm that had everybody out of their comfort zone. A bear market often overshadows developments in the industry. Many people measure the success of the cryptocurrency space with the performance of the prices. However, this is not usually the case, in fact, crypto projects focus more on technological advancements during a downward trend. The industry is still rich in opportunities, besides there is no limit to what a cryptocurrency can achieve in this industry.

Significantly, the investors are faced with a dilemma of finding out what is tangible and what isn’t. The technology and the crypto assets work hand in hand, which means they both have to be considered during evaluations. The investors need to figure out the status of the market as it stands at the moment. Stagnation and growth are aspects that assist in putting all these questions into the right perspective.

In retrospect, not all the cryptocurrency projects will stand out and show their prowess. If shuffled considerably the chaff is bound to separate from the grain. At this point, the so cold ‘doers’ in the industry will come out strong and ready to face the rough waters of the storm.

Tron, a top 20 cryptocurrency by market capitalization is currently towering upon the skyline of China attracting the attention from all directions. Since its launch, a year ago, the token has multiplied 100X and is still among the projects with the highest potential in 2018. The founder, Justin Sun has made a name for himself in the technology world. Although himself a millennial, he has risen above the stereotype to be at the helm of blockchain advancement and the decentralization of the internet.

Tron has been the industry’s game-changer project in 2018. The network is now a tech powerhouse and with it the world has realized the contributions from technology gurus such as Lucien Chen as well as Marcus Zhao. Nevertheless, Tron team has grown exponentially to achieve several groundbreaking milestones. For instance, the successful mainnet launch and seamless token migration, the Tron Super Representative (SR) election, the acquisition of the decentralized BitTorrent boasting of 100 million active users and BITBOX among other great developments.

Tron started to lay the ground for the launch and testing of the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) in July. In August the network developed a sandbox ecosystem that allowed the global community to test and carry out vulnerability mining. The feedback from this stage was instrumental to the official launch of the TVM. Nonetheless, the community has designed a poll that brings together SR’s views and with this, a consensus was reached where all the Super Representatives agreed to an upgrade process.

The official TVM launch that took place in August saw the release of a more secure and stable version in comparison to the test version. The ecosystem was beefed up tremendously in terms of development tools (TRONBOX), team building for developers, game engine building. The goal was simple, to make TVM extremely fast, easy to operate and build it into an ecosystem that is robust.

The launch of TVM was a turning point for Tron. It redefines the project’s impact and significant on the industry and the world economy. Tron has opened a new chapter in relation to decentralized applications (dApps). TVM was released with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility features. In the near future, there are plans to add EOS VM compatibility. This gives developers a framework to easily and efficiently migrate dApps to Tron blockchain at the least cost.

Tron team is now bigger and better. Former engineers and dApp developers from both Facebook and Google have joined the team. The network is focusing on providing a system that operates seamlessly and a capable development team is required during targeted troubleshooting and upgrades. Tron is going to be the trendsetter in the industry, besides its future has limitless potential.

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