Ethereum wallet provider MyCrypto has announced a new feature that uses Ethereum Alarm Clock from ChronoLogic.

In a Medium post on September 15, 2018, MyCrypto released details of an Ethereum transaction function that it says can help to schedule an ICO investment while you are away, plan subscription payments, and even set reminders.

MyCrypto, an Ethereum wallet solutions platform developed by a team who initially worked on the open source MyEtherWallet, has been working on the new functionality since its planned partnership with ChronoLogic earlier this year.

Jordan Spence, chief marketing officer for MyCrypto, told ETHNews, “I believe we’re the first to implement ChronoLogic’s scheduling function on the Ethereum mainnet, and we’re very excited to see where it goes.”

The functionality is accessible in the MyCrypto wallet by hitting “Send Later” when making a transaction. MyCrypto has also published a help article to guide users. According to the Medium post, the code for Ethereum Alarm Clock has been audited and all scheduling and execution is secured by EDCCs (also known as smart contracts).

Since this functionality is new, MyCrypto will be looking for feedback from its community of users. “Our goal for the early stages of this integration is for people to realize the use cases and help us and the ChronoLogic team see which direction that integration should go next,” said Spence.

For its part, the ChronoLogic team is already touting the feature’s benefits. In a YouTube video published September 14, 2018, it interviewed Ethereum leaders, including Vitalik Buterin, who said there had been “a lot of interest” from the community and that Ethereum transaction scheduling “seems like something that would be very valuable.” MyCrypto Founder & CEO Taylor Monahan obviously agrees. She says that scheduling opens up a number of future possibilities, including “multi-step transactions.”

The first step, though, suggests Spence, involves focusing on MyCrypto taking what it has “and making it all easier to understand and easier to use, from a UX/onboarding/handholding perspective.”

Author: Melanie Kramer
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