Bitcoin [BTC] developer Jimmy Song on Roger Ver: He made it about people and not the idea

On 19th September, the popular Bitcoin Core developer, Jimmy Song conducted a live AMA [Ask-Me-Anything] session on YouTube. Here, he answered several questions regarding conferences, Bitcoin Cash community, governance models, among others.

In the initial minutes of the video, Song was asked about his moments at the Blockchain Cruise with Bitcoin Cash proponent Roger Ver. Here, he stated that his best moment was during the debate when Song was able to refute all claims of Bitcoin Cash being the real Bitcoin by the BCH community. He also described the worst moment with Ver at the cruise wherein Ver arrived to see Song with his camera team and almost ambushed him. Song recalled feeling highly displeased at that moment. He added:

“He [Roger Ver] was just like… How about we do a vote of who won the debate? And I’m like… Dude you have at least eight guys here and I saw at least 20 other people with or Bitch Please T-shirts. […] You have totally stacked the audience. […] Essentially, he made it about people and not the idea.”

Next, a question sought his thoughts on the Winklevoss stable coin, the Gemini Dollar [GUSD]. As per Song, stable coins are striving to achieve three things: independent monetary policy, free capital flow and a peg. He believes that one cannot achieve the three of those points at once since it is the central bank’s trilemma. Due to these reasons, Song does not hold an opinion in favor of the idea.

Later in the video, a follower named Kieran Mesquita asked about the technical developments of Bitcoin that are most awaited by Song. The developer responded by stating that submarine swaps are a subject of interest for him, which are different than atomic swaps. A submarine swap enables onchain-for-lightning and lightning-for-onchain transactions whereas atomic swaps enable crypto-to-crypto transitions. He stated:

“You can basically refill your lightning channel without necessarily going on-chain even. If you fill it with like Litecoin or something like that, that would be even crazier. But you can’t do it and that’s something that I’ve been following, trying to see how that will play out but it has got some really cool potential.”

Today, under the many recent developments of Bitcoin Core, the developer community was able to bring an updated version of the protocol. Here, the developers fixed a potentially hazardous bug that was posing the possibility of a DoS attack.

Author: Priyamvada Singh
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