Top 6 Benefits Of Investing In An ICO This Year

2018 has by far been the most successful year for ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) in terms of popularity, user interest and funds raised. According to a report by, about 1079 ICOs have managed to raise around $6,950,333,983 in funds by August 2018. This is quite a large sum and much more than the funds raised by ICOs in the earlier years.

This data shows that there are still benefits when people investing in ico. This is one reason why 2018 is so far the best year for investing in ICOs. Here are some other benefits of ICO investments in 2018.

Why invest in an ICO in 2018?

The golden era of ICOs has begun. According to several trend reports, the popularity of ICOs backed by in-demand projects is increasing with each day. This new trend is beneficial for all the involved parties, including the project behind the ICO, the investors, and the users. Do not be surprised if ICO completely replaces IPO and other traditional fundraising mechanisms in the coming days. It is apparent if not confirmed.

So, why invest in ICOs or what are the Benefits Of Investing In  ICOs? Let’s find out.

  1. ICO is the present and the future

ICOs have continuously grown in popularity and success ever since the launch of the first token sale by Mastercoin in July 2013. Also, the funds raised by ICOs, along with the success rate, have increased continuously over the years.

  1. Unlimited Reach

ICOs are not usually limited by a country or specific region. They are launched for the international market where everyone and anyone can benefit from the project. The associated service is also launched on the global platform.

  1. Decentralized access to new services

One of the best benefits of investing in ICO is that the projects employ a decentralized blockchain concept which increases its reach on the global platform. This while makes it easier for everyone to access new decentralized services from anywhere, it also increases the security of online transactions.

  1. A mutually beneficial business model

As I mentioned before, an ICO is a mutually beneficial deal for all the involved parties. The project team and the company benefit by getting funds for their project, the investors benefit in the form of good return on investments and the common user benefits through a new, more advanced system or service or application.

  1. Token advantage

ICOs are necessarily accompanied by cryptocurrencies or tokens that are exchanged for other currencies contributed by the investors. These tokens, depending on their type, may have multiple applications apart from the ability to be traded on crypto exchanges.

  1. Best Returns on Investment

Last but not the least, a good ICO is almost certain to get success in the market. And the success of an ICO has a direct impact on the investor’s contributions which grow exponentially as the project grows. It all depends on choosing the right ICO for your investment.

If you have been for some time thinking to invest in ICOs, do not overthink yourself. This is the best time for ICO investment. Do invest now!

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