Cardano (ADA) nearing to aim $0.1 USD, As market has another Stellar performance!

Cardano (ADA) was not doing much enough in the last week as its price dropped to $0.06 USD but by the end of week it gained a bit of momentum. The market on Thursaday, 27th September opened with most of the cryptocurrencies advancing towards a high flight. Major coins are having a better week than last one, as they witness a bullish run in last 24 hours.

Cardano started of the day with $0.079 USD, at the time of writing, ADA was trading at a price of $0.080 rising at the rate of 3.64%, having a market cap of $2.097 billion USD. Yesterday, an increase in the volume was seen as compared to last week which went up to $64 million USD. It has a volume of almost $60million USD, at the moment. Binance Exchange, one of the biggest cryptocurrency trading exchange network, ADA had a trade volume of $19.5 million USD in last 24 hours. However, Cardano (ADA) situation on Tuesday was quite different and it was dropping at the rate of 9%, it has been a good turn around for Cardano.

Weiss Ratings suggested that Cardano (ADA) will have the highest pullback along with other altcoins including IOTA, XRP and NEO. Well their prediction was right on the spot as, IOTA has surged up to 1.11%, NEO has also gained about 3% and XRP has been the stand out gaining up to 10% in last 24 hours (at the time of writing). Weiss Ratings tweeted:
“If you believe #crypto market will return to its former glory, the benchmark for a 10X gain, is a 90% retracement. As of today, here are a few of top-25 coins that are at or above a 90% pullback: #IOTA = 90%#NEO = 91%#XRP = 93%#ADA = 96%
These are absolute steals right now!”

According to some experts, Cardano (ADA) can move up to $1 USD, increasing by almost four times from know, but this can take a while. This shows that their is a lot of bullishness regarding ADA. Cardano enthusiasts on twitter are showing their happy as they think this is the time to buy more Cardano coins. This shows that ADA will surge more in next 48 hour time.

Charles Hoskinson, owner of Cardano (ADA) is in Japan to celebrate the one year anniversary of Cardano. In a video message, he stated that they are going launch ‘Infinito Wallet’ i.e a mobile wallet. It now supports users to securely send, receive, and check transaction history of ADA on mobile. Infinito Wallet is the first mobile wallet to support ADA.

Infinito Wallet is the world’s most common home to many big tokens on biggest smart contract platforms including BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH, ETC, ETH, EOS, NEO and DOGE. After adding ADA, Infinito Wallet has achieved yet another incredible milestone. It will boost up the price and increase the adoption of Cardano.

Some more news are to come from Cardano community, as Charles further stated that he will meet some dealers during his stay in Japan, Tokyo. So we can hope some big news from Cardano in next few days and it will really help ADA to surge more. So this is the best time to buy Cardano, as it will bring much more profit in coming days.

Author: MaxPositives
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