TRX Coin Price At A Quarter: What Will It Take For Tron Token To Reach $0.25?

The blockchain space has flourished this year and blockchain-based projects and ICOs fared quite well. However, when it comes to digital assets, the market was not as favorable.

Tron TRX reached several milestones. Justin Sun purchased the largest data sharing platform, BitTorrent to create a decentralized web, known as Web 3.0. Even though the platform launched its mainnet and declared independence from Tronic a few months ago, TRON has declined against fiat currency and has a price that is ten times lower than its all-time high. The big question here is whether TRX is able to rise back to its record price by the end of the year and what are the chances that it will happen.

Tron’s high was back in January and thereafter, it lost 91 percent of its value. Worse, in the last couple of weeks, it had some chances or rebounding and the biggest gain was from $0.018 to $0.026. A week later, the currency fell to $0.017 and went on its sluggish way.
Some surmise that the decline has to do with the negative market trends that are in charge by a common case. Further, it is expected that there will be a continuous decline in the coming weeks. Just last week, TRX has appeared to have adopting a bullish trend, so there is a chance that expectations may change.

Some are saying that by the end of 2018, TRX may rebound due to several new projects that it has announced on Project Atlas. In addition, some believe that TRX needs a boost against the fiat. TRON does best when it has new listing and new trading pairs.

Author: MaxPositives
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