The Natural Health Network is working to make Living Healthier!


Platform Summary

Imagine a world where the knowledge of health is in the palm of every individual. A world where unnecessary health bills and chemically enhanced medicines becomes a distant memory. A world where medical data is available globally with a click of a button.

This possibility is what the Natural Health Network is all about.

We offer a combination of natural health treatments and medicines with the added benefit of a personalised holistic approach consultation, all done from your computer or smartphone, without having to see a practitioner in their consulting rooms.

This, along with decentralized medical data storage and distribution networking build on blockchain technology, creates a world where healthcare is accessible to anyone who might seek it, at an affordable rate.


Practitioner Network-Instant Private Consultations

Our state of the art Practitioner networking platform offers a solution for Practitioner to join our network both online and offline in the form of proficient consultations.

Distribution Network-Easy Access to Products

Our distribution network will consist of interconnected facilities, outlets and transportation systems that will receive and trade goods within the network.

Consumer Network-Online Community

Our consumer network will work in the form as an online forum where consumers can discuss certain topics or assist each other in the form of information exchange.

NHN Coin Generating Event Update!

Great News 40% Net Profit Share To NHN Coin Holders!

The NHN Management team has applied sound business principles to this project from the outset. We invested in a continuously growing business sector, the Natural Health and Wellness sector, and utilised the Blockchain to ensure that we could deliver these products worldwide. The business is easily understandable in producing a web based platform dispensing natural health products and services and utilising NHN coin to facilitate payment for these goods and services to reduce high bank costs and delays associated with International trade. The platform will generate income from sales of natural health products and services and although NHN coin will facilitate this, it will not be the only currency option. As the platform income grows organically so will the value of the coin as a tradeable commodity. There is no confusion or ambiguity for the potential investor to contemplate prior to making an investment decision. The only question for a potential investor is “can they deliver?” and as you will see below we are already doing so.

Once we completed the successful initial pre sale earlier this year, which reached our required target, NHN Management team chose to suspend marketing of the official ICO and focus on the deliverables in terms of the whitepaper. Notwithstanding the challenges encountered with the initial POW coin, we made substantial progress. The NHN project has the NHNDPoS coin and wallets live on the Blockchain and we also have the NHN website up and running, although the functional components are still under construction in accordance with the whitepaper. All of these milestones are impressive achievements in only a matter of months. It must be noted that the large majority of ICO’s reach the market with only a whitepaper and none of the actual business in place and as such their investors are investing in a concept that may never materialise and this is a huge risk to any potential investor. Due to the considerable progress made on the project, we feel that we are now perfectly positioned to host a successful coin generation event. Due to this considerable progress and the limited risk as a result of this, we believe we will find favour with investors even in a very tough crypto market.

We will be entering the pre sale stage 1 October to 31 October 2018, thereafter the official Coin Generating Event will begin 1 November to 15 December 2018. There is a limited amount of coins available during pre-sale at 0.00003500 BTC which is approximately $ 0.23 USD, at current BTC prices. The official Coin Generating Event price will be 0.00007500 BTC approximately $ 0.50 USD at current BTC prices, there will only be 30 million coins available.

The funds raised will be utilised to fund all legal costs of incorporation as a legal entity in the Cayman Islands, a crypto friendly country. Apart from incorporating, generated funds will be allocated towards office space, exchange listings, strategic partnerships, marketing and the listing of NHN coin on additional exchanges plus the completion and promotion of the website as an income generating business that will ultimately provide NHN coin holders with an additional source of income via a very generous profit share program. NHN has made available 40 million coins translating to a total of 40% net profit share of all income derived via the NHN website. This applies to all who purchased previously and all who purchase during the upcoming coin generating event. Please take note that there are certain terms and exclusions applicable.

This makes NHN Coin a very attractive investment to any investor, by virtue of the investor owning an appreciating asset that will generate an income via profit sharing. It is also versatile and may be used to purchase goods and services as well as being tradeable on selected crypto exchanges. The investment will also have intrinsic value as it is tied to an income generating business that will only increase in value as it increases market share in the highly lucrative and constantly growing Natural Health and Wellness industry. As a value proposition this is very hard to beat and we have still managed to keep prices competitive to make NHN Coin accessible to the average investor.

To purchase on the pre sale kindly send an e-mail to with the amount of coins you wish to purchase, sales will contact you with the BTC address where you can affect payment to secure your coins and your wallet download link, your NHN coins will be paid immediately to your wallet upon confirmation of payment.You may also direct any other investment related queries via this channel.

You can also visit ICO rating and marketing sites listed on our website at to view or make ratings and follow progress on our CGE. Any additional marketing assistance would be greatly appreciated and will be rewarded with NHN coins upon mutual agreement.

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