Fancy yourself as a News writer, or you just fancy letting the world know some interesting news?
Well you can do it on the site, we actively encourage it, as it’s your site!

We’ve created a write up here to aid those who want to participate in creating a blog using the site.
Please follow the procedure below to aid with creating a blog for the site.
If you have any queries, please feel free to contact the team on for assistance.

Dollar Destruction blog creation procedure


First of all, you will need to log on to the site and create a profile via the “MY ACCOUNT” section.

Once your Profile is created, you can then click on “My Articles” and NEW ARTICLE


This will bring you to a TITLE screen.

Insert your Title, then click on the SAVE button.

Once saved, click on “My Articles” again, then DRAFT and you should see your Article ready for creation.

You can now start writing your Article in the ARTICLE CONTENT box.

If you would like to insert an image, you will have to copy it from the internet and paste it into the ARTICLE CONTENT box wherever you desire. (Make sure to keep a copy of the URL for the source of this image, as it will need to be added to the bottom of the article for sources, so that Dollar Destruction and yourself is covered against a lawsuit)

You can adjust the size and insert the source URL as per the diagram below:

If you’d link to insert a LINK into the blog from another source/article, then click on the link function when highlighting the content you want to link, as shown below.

Insert the URL and make sure to TICK the “Open link in a new tab” box, then click on the Add link box when complete.

At the bottom of your blog/article. Please could you add this Credits section, to aid us when Publishing your blog/article.

As mentioned before, it covers yourself and Dollar Destruction against a lawsuit, as all sources are referenced. So the more information you can supply us, then the better prepared you/we are.

Our Credits Standard:

Author: (Your name)
Front Image Credit
In-Blog Images Credit

See below for the standard we expect to see:

Then once the blog/article is complete, you can click on the “Save and move it under review” box.

From that, you’ll then see your blog/article has gone under the “Under review” section, you can click on it and see the blog/article sat in your Articles box.

You can then e-mail the SALES team, to let them know to review your blog/article for Publishing.

If your post is successful, then you’ll see it on the Main site once the DD team have reviewed it and amended it for our sales and marketing standard.

We hope that you have as much fun as we do creating blogs/articles for your interest.

Go on give it a go, who knows you might be the next big Blogger for Forbes magazine!

Thank you for your co-operation, the Dollar Destruction team.

Author: Dollar Destruction
Front Image Credit

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