GSC Platform is the Future of the Supply Chain.. on the Blockchain!

The Supply Chain Industry is a 54 Trillion U$D Industry!


The main source of expenses for companies is related to purchases and it is up to 80% of the total expenses. The current supply chain process is full of tedious and time consuming tasks for the purchasing department.

The lack of transparency (parts certification-counterfeited parts), speed, security and automation lead to huge losses for companies and significant delays in their sales, while jeopardising their customers safety.


We provide to businesses a blockchain backed purchasing management software to bring them an easy way to handle their supply chain process. Businesses will be autonomous to improve their sale margins and secure their own data.

The purchasing processes are crucial. When the purchasers are efficient in their work, the
company saves time, money and improves its sales margins.


GSC Platform implements GSC ERP 3.0 blockchain technology to allow any company in the world to use a purchase management software, based on blockchain, to handle its purchase as well as commercial relations. This ready-to-use technology is easy to set up, allows savings in terms of time and money through the purchasing process, securing and improving relationships between stakeholders. The features will be created on the public blockchain via smart contract (ETC) and IPFS and the data will be secured and stored on a permissioned/private blockchain (Hyperledger). The blockchain technology used by GSC Platform for its GSC ERP 3.0 product offers an efficient way to fight against authentication problems, counterfeiting as well as industrial espionage.

GSC has 4 key features which together form the GSC ERP 3.0






A powerful IT platform to provide a real time business analysis and being a constant support for our users through their supply chain process.

The platform is IT tools dedicated to SMEs. Indeed, GSC’s team provides IT tools in order all analyses are stored and available in the user’s dashboard in real time. The Purchaser has a complete vision of their Purchasing areas, current purchase orders and the archiving. In a few clicks they are able to get all the information needed and can search through the daily tasks of the buyer.

               IT Tools

The purchaser has the real time vision of his suppliers portfolio with a tracking of   their performance.

Decentralized Blockchain Database

Supply chain professionals are protected against industrial espionage.


All users make business together and this increases the global trust significantly.

Immutable Records

Users secure and store indefinitely their business’s data at no cost.



Smart contracts technology is in the heart of the GSC Platform’s ecosystem to provide automation, speed and trust in businesses between purchasers, suppliers and freight forwarders.

Based on the Smart Contract blockchain Technology, GSC Smart Purchases manages the purchase orders of GSC Platform’s users and secures the transaction and the purchase orders information into the blockchain.


No need of a third party as a bank or insurance policy

Instant Payment

For cash in advance as the payment method for a purchase order. The fees for payment are only cents worth of $.


The smart contracts are automatically and self-executed into the blockchain.


A blockchain technology to track every part or component in any industry which brings trust between supply chain’s parties.

The traceability is a main concern for supply chain professionals and companies as the lack of transparency in the parts’ traceability leads to huge losses for companies. Furthermore and above all,this could lead to accidents even to human deaths in some industries such as the Transportation or the Pharmaceutical Industries.


The tamper-proof data/part certificates implemented into the blockchain guarantee that the part aren’t counterfeited. It brings safety for the consumers.

Users self regulation of the ecosystem

Suppliers are accredited by GSC Platform users’ whom validate the authenticity of the data/certificate. It increases suppliers’ reputation in the market.


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