Huawei begins rolling out cryptocurrency software to its smartphone users…

Already this year, we’ve seen the release of the HTC Exodus 1 smartphone, that comes with a Bitcoin wallet built into it. Then we’re hearing strong rumours that Samsung is considering adding a wallet to its upcoming flagship Galaxy S10 device, when that’s released next year.

And now you can add another name. The world’s third biggest smartphone manufacturer is Huawei, and it’s now set to launch a Bitcoin wallet app, to roll out across its smartphone range.

It’s doing so, according to early reports, in partnership with Bitmain subsidiary, who will be providing the requisite software. It’s new territory for Huawei, though, although given the company’s prominence in the Chinese marketplace – where it’s the dominant player – it’s expected to have a positive impact on crypto in the region. Which would be a nice change, given headlines around the Chinese crypto industry have tended to veer on the negative side this year (dominated by regulation and crackdowns).

There is a timescale known, too. In fact, later today it’s expected that the Bitcoin wallet app will be downloadable to Huawei’s devices. As per a company spokesman, “BTC’s Bitcoin wallet application was reviewed by AppGallery, and was approved for official release in multiple countries and regions, not including Mainland China”.

Given Huawei’s commitment to blockchain already, it makes sense that it’d be one of the earliest to explore just where cryptocurrency can fit in. We wait and see just how much impact it has on the market…

Author: Simon Brew
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