TRON Arcade Begins a New Investment Partnership With Gumi Cryptos

The gaming investment arm of The Tron Foundation, Tron Arcade announced that it is partnering with gumi Cryptos to co-invest in blockchain based games.

Gumi Cryptos is a $30 million blockchain/cryptocurrency fund, and together with Tron they will find projects that are using blockchain to transform the way games are “created and enjoyed.”

What Is gumi Cryptos?

Founded by gumi Inc, gumi Cryptos is a gaming company in Japan that will be working with Tron to leverage each others experience in gaming and blockchain.

Miko Matsumura, the general partner at the publicly traded company, said:

“Gamers are often the first adopters of any new technology. Although gumi Cryptos is not solely a game fund, we are happy to co-invest with TRON Arcade on startups best positioned to benefit from our Japan market-entry services and strong networks in gaming as well as TRON’s platform and distribution channels.”

Tron’s head of business development Roy Liu said that it was great that a leader in traditional gaming is interested in the emerging blockchain gaming.

Liu added:

“We both believe blockchain gaming will lead to the next wave of adoption for the nascent technology. There’s a good chance that the first ‘killer’ gaming Dapp will be the mass market use case that everyone is searching for.”

Tron’s Proficiency in Blockchain Gaming

Liu highlighted that Tron Arcade, along with its partners, will leverage their available resources and network to build improved use cases in blockchain.

Tron Arcade’s, Liu said they would permit developers to “let their imaginations run wild and build the games of tomorrow for a hungry audience.”

Millions of users and a high degree of scalability has helped Tron acquire some games and Dapps from the Ethereum blockchain.

Blockchain Cuties, Bitizens, and Everdragons are few games that are already finding Tron to be a better home than the Ethereum blockchain.

Tron Arcade, a $100 million gaming fund from Tron, is dedicated to helping developers develop games on the Tron network and unleash the potential of the blockchain gaming.

Author: Viraj Shah
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