NavCoin now allows you to send funds to an alias of choice instead of an address

NavCoin, an easy to use digital currency run by the community, has announced the ability to send coins to an alias rather than an extended address that could be hard to remember. 

NavCoin announced on twitter that users would now be able to create an alias for easier use of sending their NAV. The idea works much like PayPal’s payment solution where users pay to an email address.

The launch of OpenAlias, will allow users the ability to send tokens to an address that they create, similar to that of an email address, rather than having to send NAV to their full NavCoin address.

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The feature may not be a massive step forward, but it does allow for easier usability, which is a great step forward. The ability to change a long, random, alphanumeric address into something that you can easily remember, such as your email address, will allow for a simpler way to send tokens.

Users simply need to follow the instructions on NavCoin’s OpenAlias webpage which explains the three simple steps to change their long random-looking string into a quicker to remember a meaningful alias.

NavCoin is currently ranked 211 on CMC with a market cap of $11.5 million. NAV is currently valued at $0.18 and is available on Binance.

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