Introducing the Next-Gen, Water-Cooled Mining System!

We take a closer look at the next big thing in the world of cryptocurrency mining.. the next-generation, water-cooled multi-miner produced by Buritino! 

Mining is one of the main methods to make money on cryptocurrencies. Anyone can join the network providing his or her equipment to perform encryption and validation calculations. Nowadays the majority of the mining equipment is produced by two companies – BitFury and Bitmain. Both companies produce equipment but they share the market. Bitmain works at mass market and produces standard ready-to-use equipment.  BitFury works with professional orders and adjust products for specific projects.

Existent equipment has several drawbacks: 

  • Poor repair capability
  • Impossible to upgrade
  • Dedicated only for one cryptocurrency type
  • Noisy
  • Heat diffusion

And the disadvantages do not end there for the current crop of mining equipment!

With the problems stated above a clear hindrance to an ever-growing community of cryptocurrency miners, it’s clear that there is plenty of room for far more efficient hardware..

The key problem of mining today is that it is performed on different types of equipment that do not have common standards. Devices become out of date earlier than they fail to function. People who involve in mining have to change them to new ones which entails great expenses. This caused the creation of the all-in-one multi-miner with the possibility of upgrading certain morally obsolete systems by Buratino team. Developers have made decision to leave at high level its power supply, cooling, sensor panel, tuning and constructive assembly.

The prototype of the miner was the military’s development due to the fact that Buratino Blockchain Solutions presented itself on LLC “SRI Special Algorithms”. This organization is a part of military industry.

Introducing the Papa Carlo!

The Papa Carlo is an advanced multi miner with water cooling system. It was manufactured based on a high-performance and energy-efficient chip with 7 nm technology process. This scheme allows to raise any crypto-currencies on the algorithms such as SHA-256 and SCRYPT, among which Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and many others. The basis for the miner is a multi-functional crystal that houses 3 types of logical cores. Two of them allows mining of more than 14 cryptocurrencies easily switching between them, and the Cortex M4 core is used in a variety of devices such as IoT, Wi-Fi, BLE, etc.

The device was developed by highly qualified specialists of Buratino Blockchain Solutions company, who have many years of experience in the production of complex radio electronic equipment.

As a ready-made device the Papa Carlo provides significant upgrades to the more common forms of hardware, notably:

HYBRID COOLING SYSTEM- Double cooling system uses ordinary water as a coolant. It cause reduction of the electricity cost and increasing computing performance.

POWER SUPPLY SYSTEM WITH EFFICIENCY OF 98-99%- As soon as we increase efficiency, the consumed electric power and the level of heat generation are reduced. There is a possibility of airless cooling of the power unit.

SCALABLE HASHING ALGORITHMS- The microprocessor is designed using a multithreaded scheme of the complete pipeline for independent calculation of individual values of the hash.

MICROCHIPS ON SELF-TIMED CIRCUITRY- Self-timed circuitry improves fault-tolerance in the operation of the miner and extends service life of electronic components.

Just check out the comparison!

Product backed by hard-working and innovative team!

Buratino Blockchain team was established based on “Specalgorithmy” research institute that has several years of experience in design and production of complex radio electronic equipment. First company product was Trezor Mini hardware wallet. It is based on an open license Creative Commons 4.0. A wallet of Trezor, world crypto-currency storage leader, was updated and reduced in size.

The second product is cargo-tracker Pierrot – that can track the location of container or any other object online and check the condition of shipment inside the container. System is working on blockchain and allow its participants to conduct smart-contracts due to their unique demand and to buy and sell containers online.

Statement from the Team:

Why does our team believe in the projects success?

We have developed the world’s first 3-in-1 miner, which host 3 types of logical cores. This design allows you to mine more than 14 crypto-currencies and create different types of devices. ASIC for mining crypto-currency employing both SHA-256 and SCRYPT algorithms, and the potential use in devices that need mathematical calculations.

Therefore, the Papa Carlo miner will be developed on the basis of a high-performance chip with a 7 nm process node. Chips manufacture will be located at Samsung capacities in South Korea. Only these chips will be delivered to Russia, but not end-user miners, which will significantly reduce the overhead customs costs and bring to Russian market a competitively cheap product. Soldering of printed circuit boards, testing, assembly of finished products and packaging will be made in Russia.

For more information please visit our official website!

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