Electroneum (ETN), VeChain (VET), Docademic (MTC): What the Future says about these coins

It is not an ironical perceptive that the future of cryptographic currencies took a nosedive from the start of the year 2018. Investors and Hodlers were disappointed with the turn of events as the green lights of 2017 did not reflect in the year. Rather, the red light trailed many of the coins. As the year 2019 starts off, analysts are back to the drawing table. The futuristic tendency of cryptocurrencies is under focus, and there is a spotlight on Electroneum (ETN), VeChain (VET), and Docademic (MTC).

Electroneum (ETN) is Moving up the Ladder

Bitcoin (BTC) was the standards for cryptocurrencies. Since the invention of altcoins, but its glory seems to be waning at the moment. Electroneum (ETN) is a viable coin that has been making steady progress up the ladder of cryptocurrencies. As it stands, the 16-month old coin is sitting among the top 100 coins in the table by market cap.

What propels the coin? While looking at what the future has to say about the coin, it is important to realize that it fills a gap. Bitcoin’s (BTC) got a little dwindle after Ripple’s (XRP) cross-border solutions came up. In the same vein, Electroneum (ETN) is changing the game with the concept of mobile mining. This development lets you mine the ETN token easily after installing the coin’s mobile app unlike the rigorous, expensive and energy consuming mining of BTC.

In spite of being far from the top ten crypto coins, ETN has been a major challenge for the table toppers, and it has the framework to clinch the spot in few months. A close look at its startup and steady progress in less than two (2) years of launch shows that the coin is futuristic.

Also, the publicities from the PR team also helped its fortunes. As the blockchain community looks forward to market recovery and fourth blockchain, Electroneum’s (ETN) can become a model for crypto mining.

As such, ETN might soon light the tunnel end.

VeChain (VET) is Gaining Fame

The second quarter of 2018 saw to the rebranding of VeChain (VEN) to VeChain Thor (VET). Soon after this, it entered a partnership with the automobile firm, BMW. In addition, is also collaborating with the University of Oxford for further development of the platform.

Countless of retail stores have adopted the technology offered by the cryptographic project in order to monitor their good and observe the authenticity of other product.

Vechain (VET) is at the moment swimming up the stream with partnerships and listings from reputable firms around the world. Recently, three leading wine makers in Italy adopted a blockchain solution, MY Story, co-developed by Vechain (VET) and DNVGL to let their customers know the history behind every wine.

The future does not look bleak for the coin as more mergers are coming. For instance, VET has found its way into Coinnest, a South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Docademic (MTC) Disrupts the Medical Industry

Docademic (MTC), a healthcare-based ICO is changing the face of the medical industry. Curaizon offers a similar solution. However, Docademic’s helps a patient keep his medical history securely on the blockchain network.

The futuristic tendencies of the coin are not in a contest. A popular crypto visionary, John McAfee shows interest in the coin, releasing statements in favor of the coin due to Docademic’s potency, viability and real world use case.

Docademic (MTC) is already trading on viable crypto exchanges such as IDEX and HiBTC. The most fascinating feature of the coin is the non-identifiable IDs for patients who sign up to the network. In addition, Docademic makes patients have access to A.I-driven treatments.

The coin’s blockchain also lets patients store their data and retrieve the same without hassles. Why them would you think of a shady future for such highly decorated cryptographic project.

The Future is Bright

The number of altcoins is over 2,000. Out of this lot, coins that are more viable have real-world applications. Docademic (MTC) repositions the medical industry and helps patients get real-time medical treatments. On its part, Electroneum (ETN) reduces the hassles of token acquisition. Users can mine from their mobile devices.

Finally, VeChain’s (VET) solutions is transposing the IoT industry. There are rumors that more IoT devices will be in the public domain later in 2019. When this comes into force, VeChain (VET) will have more use cases to check out then ever expected.

Author: Esme Anderson
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