New fake MetaMask app capable of stealing cryptos is just found on PlayStore and has been taken down following a report.

A fake MetaMask app that contains crypto-stealing malware is found on PlayStore recently, according to BTC Wires’ report.

The app impersonates MetaMask’s function, which enables users to run ETH dApps in a browser, without having to run a full Ethereum node.

However, it ends up “intercepting the content of the clipboard and replacing it surreptitiously”, in the case of a crypto transaction, with the wallet address belongs to the malicious actor.

While this is not a new method, the “Android/Clipper.C” is the newest form that can be found on PlayStore.

According to WeLiveSecurity, the cybersecurity firm who found it, the malicious app was uploaded on PlayStore on February 1st, 2019, which was immediately taken down by Google soon after it was reported.

Anyone who has mistakenly installed the app should considered their transactions have been compromised. Meanwhile, everyone is suggested to always check the crypto addresses when making transactions, to ensure they haven’t been replaced with anything else.

With the massive increase of crypto malware in 2018, many platforms can be seen upping their security game. The most recent update came from Firefox that blocks cryptomining malware by default on the newest version of Mozilla.

Author: Fifi Arisandi
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