It remains to be seen whether the market will start to price in the possibility of higher interest rates in the U.S. The pandemic is still a major problem, and there’ll likely be no opportunity to increase rates in the next two years. In addition, the U.S. dollar is supported by surprisingly hawkish comments from Chicago Fed President Charles Evans who stated that the Fed could start raising rates before average inflation gets to 2%. Intraday bias in forex remains neutral for the moment, and further rise is mildly in favor. EUR/USD’s fall from 1.2011 is still in progress and intraday bias on the downside, for 38.2% retracement of 1.0635 to 1.2011 at 1.1485.

Traders can enter a short or sell position if their analysis indicates that the EUR/USD has a better chance of moving down and try to buy at a lower price. Traders can enter a long or buy position if their analysis indicates that the EUR/USD has a better chance of moving up and attempt to sell at a higher price.

On the upside, though, break of 1.1871 resistance will revive near term bullishness and bring retest of 1.2011 resistance first. In the bigger picture, rise from 1.0635 is seen as the third leg of the pattern from 1.0339 . The eurozone is a geographic area that consists of the European Union countries that have fully incorporated the euro as their national currency. The purchasing Exchange Participant shall bear the responsibility for compliance with the content of the cross request entry.

U S. Dollar Gets Support From Chicago Fed President’S Hawkish Comments

As of March 26, 2018, 19 of the 28 member countries of the European Union use the euro. According to the ECB, as of January 1, 2017, more than €1 trillion are in circulation in the world. The market status window is an indication regarding the current technical availability of the trading system. It indicates whether news board messages regarding current technical issues of the trading system have been published or will be published shortly. 80% of the trading hours of one of the three time zones have to be quoted.

Trading outside of these hours, the pip movement may not be large enough to compensate for the spread or commissions. To see major market hours in your own timezone, or your broker’s time zone, use theforex market hours tools. The Barchart Technical Opinion widget forex shows you today’s overally Barchart Opinion with general information on how to interpret the short and longer term signals. Unique to, Opinions analyzes a stock or commodity using 13 popular analytics in short-, medium- and long-term periods.

Intraday bias in EUR/USD is mildly on the downside as the fall from 1.2011 is resuming. Deeper fall would be seen to 38.2% retracement of 1.0635 to 1.2011 at 1.1485.

Charting A Bearish Technical Tilt: S&P 500, Dow Industrials Violate Major Support

It is also possible to complete the analysis of price action with the interpretation of theJapanese candles for trading with the EUR/USD. The information provided by the price action can help you interpret the best time to invest in the Euro Dollar, through the relationship between the current price and its maximum and minimum level. With this Forex upward trend on the rise, it only remains to move towards the 30-minute time unit to find the same averages setting for a current trend according to the underlying trend. As you can see, the help of 20-period exponential moving averages and 50-period moving averages help you confirm the uptrend, which could be an indicator to start trading long in this Forex pair. Or even the hourly chart, where each candle represents one hour of trading the Euro against the US dollar.

Eur Euro To Usd Us Dollar Currency Rates Today: Thursday, 24


Our currency rankings show that the most popular Euro exchange rate is the USD to EUR rate. The currency code for Euros is EUR, and the currency symbol is €. This EUR/USD Chart lets you see this pair’s currency rate history for up to 10 years! AUD/USD refreshes two-month lows near 0.7050, having stalled its bounce around 0.7075 region. The US dollar appears to have regained poise amid tepid market mood.

  • As you can see in the chart above, the exchange rate of the EUR/USD was in a down trend until September 2019, meaning the Euro was weakening against the dollar throughout this period.
  • From September 2019 until February 2020, the currency pair traded within a range from a low of about 1.0875 to a high of about 1.1240.
  • This forex chart for Euro / US Dollar is updated continuously during market hours.

The USD takes a daily share of 87.6% of all currency related trade activity, which is 2.79 times as much as the Euro’s share at 31.4%. Also, London and New York are both open during this three-hour window. That means a lot of volume coming in from two major markets, so spreads are typically tightest during this time.

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Settlement prices on instruments without open interest or volume are provided for web users only and are not published on broker forex Market Data Platform . Explore historical market data straight from the source to help refine your trading strategies.


0700 to 2000 GMT are acceptable hours for day trading the EUR/USD because there is an adequate movement to extract a profit and cover spread and commission costs. You ideally want to day trade the EUR/USD between 1300 and 1600 GMT to maximize efficiency. During this period, you’ll see the biggest moves of the day, which means greater profit potential, and the spread and commissions will have the least impact relative to potential profit.

We recommend that you seek independent advice and ensure you fully understand the risks involved before trading. The European Economic and Monetary Union refers to all of the countries that have adopted a free trade an monetary agreement in the Eurozone. SIT is the currency abbreviation for the Slovenian tolar, which was used in Slovenia from 1991 to 2006. We strongly recommend not to take any decisions based on the indications in the market status window but to always check the production news board for comprehensive information on an incident.

Fed’S Evans: My Comment That Got Markets’ Attention Was Really Just A Reading Of Already Released Sept Statement

This disparity in policy consequently led to some interesting effects on the Euro-Dollar exchange rate. In fact, for an extended period, the most important EUR/USD Forex news stories tended to be about FED stimulus.

WTI fades the drop to sub-$39.30 levels for the third consecutive day. Gold prices have deteriorated in the US dollar’s relentless comeback as investors move away from stocks. The price of the dollar is correlated to gold, so it stands to reason that if the dollar is about to tail off its gains, then gold should find reprieve. Another week is coming to an end, and the FX market seems unable to find its way.

However, both in 2017 and in late 2019, instead of continuing to the lower area of the channel, the price slowed down in the line that marks the beginnings of an upward trend. As we see, the price of the EUR/USD was on an upward trend from when the currency was first established. Some of the key events for the period are marked on the chart above, so that we can see how they affected the Dollar Euro exchange rate history. In contrast, the ECB’s primary objective is solely price stability.