Tron [TRX]’s look book for the first quarter of 2018 – 88.8% performance increase against Bitcoin [BTC]’s

There is no looking back with Tron’s popularity in recent times with the main focus on the Test net launch. Here is a look back at how TRX performed from the beginning of this year with some data compilation from Google trends and other sources. Test net was launched on March 31st and created a lot of noise in the entire market and the Main net is scheduled to release next month.

Justin Sun tweeted:
“TRON’s performance Q1 analysis: TRX/BTC on Jan 1: 0.00000320 and on Mar 31: 0.00000604. TRX increase for BTC in Q1: 88.8%. The launch of test net in Q1 is just a beginning! We will launch our main net in Q2!”

TRON [TRX] has had an increase of 15.54% in its volume from the last 7 days although, the price still remains close to $0.03. The prices have fluctuated dramatically ranging from as low as 1 cent at the beginning of the year to an all-time high of 4 cents in mid-March. According to the mapping of Google trends data onto the CoinMarketCap graph, it is evident that the public’s interest coincided with TRX’s price. In simpler words, the number of people who look up for Tron on Google, the higher the price gets or vice-versa.
According to Justin’s tweet, TRON’s performance in its first quarter is 88.8% more than that of Bitcoin’s.

Shane Ileac, a TRX holder tweeted:
“People need to understand that TRON is in its early stage of development and it’s not going to grow into a money tree overnight growth has many factors and Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation are putting them all in place. We are the future, TRX.”

Jeremy, a Tron enthusiast said:
“Tron has a great team, great leadership. Connections with Chinese government. Facebook and another social media tanking. USD and Chinese currency falling, Jack ma and Ali baba. Do the math. Not a trash coin, the white paper was revised. Tron has an excellent future.”
According to the analysis and statistics, a lot of people gave attention to Tron on a comparison to Litecoin and Ethereum, both of which are years ahead of Tron’s ICO date.

Marc Zwygart, a Twitterati says:
“Completely manipulated. Let’s talk about the 80% decrease in your coin because of your failures. Whenever you post something like this, the price of coin will go way down. Please stop making announcements.”

Alex Sokoban, a TRX holder tweeted:
“Oh, Christ!! The King has spoken, now another dip in TRX price. Why the market can’t already price in for all the Justin Sun tweets so that we can continue to climb afterwards? Only if I can set a time delay on his tweets I’ll swing trade thousands into millions.”


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