Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Set for Gains in 2018

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) recently made a huge move in the world of online payments as it continues to hope that it will eventually get more customer base than the likes of Paypal. News that Bitpay, a popular in payment services has finally incorporated the BCH infrastructure to enable invoice transactions via BCH has made investors’ to be bullish on the altcoin.

The cryptocurrency which is a Bitcoin fork has recently enjoyed a high rate of adoption despite the stagnant crypto market in the past two weeks. Merchants from all over the world will be able to send and receive crypto within the clicks of a few buttons without using the internet; this digital payment model has worked in economies like Kenya through their Mpesa payment system. The altcoin is keen on fulfilling Bitcoin’s promises of Peer to peer digital money which is quite from Bitcoin’s main focus of maintain a decentralized platform.

Cryptocurrencies have so far had a couple of shortcomings which crypto developers from all over the world are working to solve. Bitcoin Cash is currently way ahead of Bitcoin (BTC) in terms of blocks with a comfortable 8037 lead. However, users stand to gain more profits from mining Bitcoin (BTC) as opposed to mining BCH; this is because of the BCH’s mining difficulty which is above that of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has been in existence for less than a year but significant milestones like hitting the over $1000 mark have been met so far; the crypto community has invested in Bitcoin Cash heavily which could be attributed to factors like being related to Bitcoin and having a strategy to achieve a concrete fundamental value.
The altcoin has received attention and support from industry players like Unocoin, an Indian based company. The team at Unocoin recently had a launch where they introduced a multiple crypto asset exchange in which they plan on listing BCH. Popular wallet providers like Bread are also among those who have shown interest in the BCH coin, a developer from the team had the following to say;

“We have to build a fully autonomous SPV wallet, and it has to work — We can’t get away with standing up some Bitcoin-ABC nodes and changing some RPC calls. That being said, it’s already done and in final testing phase. In fact, if you’d like to test, please email me,”
The team at Bitcoin cash is working on a couple of competitive advantages which is a definite improvement to the user experience in future. The tipmebchbot is one of the projects currently in testing, the crypto community in telegram will be glad to know that this new bot by BCH will allow enable participants to give and receive tips in form of BCH. The past month has not been the best for the crypto market, large cap coins like BTC and Ethereum have been struggling to make any significant gains since the bearish crypto market in February. Bitcoin Cash has managed to defy the odds of general technical analysis in the crypto world by being one of the biggest gainers in the past week.

Price Analysis
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is one of the four large cap coins currently ranked 4th in market capitalization. This cryptocurrency has been widely adopted and is traded in over 200 coin exchanges as a result with Huobi leading at a volume of over $37,000,000 in the past 24 hours. Investors and crypto enthusiast who wish to own the coin as of press date would have to part with $1016 for one BCH; this can have a small variance depending on the coin exchange or geographical location.

BCH has improved its volatility rank within the last 20 days to become the 2nd most volatile large cap coin while it had been in the 1st position for a long time. The volatile nature of crypto does not allow for detailed financial analysis but speculation has continued to drive this market.Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is not an exception and investors ought to have a clear view on the fundamental value and roadmap before acquiring a portfolio.

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Author: Edu Gachaja
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