NEO (NEO) set for a Bullish run in 2018!

NEO (NEO) is one of the few altcoins that has so far been relatively flexible given the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market; the coin has managed to stay in the top 10 digital currencies in market cap. NEO has had a cumulative return of over 26000% since the coin was developed in China over a year and a half ago. Investors have been bullish on the coin although its price had recently dropped by over half at the end of February 2018.
NEO has been on a steady recovery in the past month with its price struggling to hit the $60 mark again.

One of the main reasons that have made NEO a very popular coin is its strong base in China where crypto enthusiasts have ranked it the same level as Ethereum.
The diversity in NEO (NEO) infrastructure is one to be admired by any long term crypto investor; the altcoin is built with the same purpose as that of Ethereum. In the recent past enhancement of security by digitization of assets has seen the blockchain technology adopted by quite a number of big corporates and countries. The NEO network is powered by GAS coins that play a major role in supporting smart contracts to be deployed within the platform. Transactions per second is among the issues that Bitcoin is currently trying to resolve besides dominating the crypto markets, NEO is reliable when it comes to tps with over 10,000 transactions. This is enabled by the consensus method used in NEOs infrastructure; Byzantine Fault Tolerance Consensus.

NEO (NEO) is a potential cash cow if the cryptocurrency market is long-term even for investors looking to join the NEO community right now. This is due to the following reasons;

NEO’s price has been positively affected by its association with OnChain. Investors that have been bullish on this cryptocurrency believe that this is among the reasons NEOs volume change has been quite impressive with the coin at position 2 out of the 8 Mid Cap coins as of press date. OnChain’s business model and protocol aims at making blockchain more valuable by distinguishing the crypto and blockchain arena.

The diversity in the NEOs network offers a wider range of assets than most platforms; users globally can be able to exchange digital assets with NEO coins while Ethereum has mostly focused on exchange of cryptocurrencies only based on the ERC20 protocol. Investors looking for stability attributed to diversity in a coin’s blockchain platform would be delighted to know that NEO’s average monthly return is at a comfortable 106%.
Ease of use within the NEO network has been significant in the coin’s adoption. Users within the platform will find it easier to deploy smart contracts due to the multiple languages a developer can use in the network. NEO allows a wider scope of programming languages than peer coins like Ethereum; one can use basic languages like Java and interact with smart contracts and other users in the network efficiently.

The digital currency has had a good run when it comes to partnerships with over 15 significant financial intermediaries working together with NEO’s team. Red Pulse is one of the few examples that have believed in NEO’s infrastructure and it is expected the coin’s value will benefit from strategic partnerships in future.

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Author: Edu Gachaja
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