Verge (XVG) Mysterious Partnership Announcement set for 17th April!!

Speculation is high as the Verge (XVG) community awaits the announcement on the long awaited partnership. The cryptocurrency has had a price surge since this news hit the market; so far the coin’s price has increased by 180% in the last month. We can agree that that is quite an impressive figure for an altcoin that is currently placed 21st in market capitalization.

It started with a crowdfunding in March 2018 that had been organized by Verge (XVG) in which they had a target of 75 million Verge coins. Surprisingly investors’ were keen on this project and the target has since been surpassed, this has been a good trajectory for the XVG long term growth. As a result the Verge (XVG) team promised to announce a significant partnership on April 17th keeping its holders in a high mood of speculation.
A couple of crypto experts and analysts believe that this coin has been successful in beating the bearish odds in the current crypto market. Therefore there is reason to believe the Verge will be a fundamental crypto in the age of digital currencies given the good momentum at the moment. Many crypto enthusiasts are hopeful that once price correction and scam projects are eliminated, Verge (XVG) will be among the altcoins trading at the above $1 mark comfortably.

Recent news on the XVG coin has pointed to TokenPay as the mystery partner to be soon announced. This would be the most probable guess for anyone who has been following the two projects closely; On April 8th TokenPay tweeted on the update of a meeting held in Munich;
“#TokenPay CEO @derekcapo meeting in Munich earlier today for breakfast with key stakeholders of the German bank. A deal in principle has been agreed upon by all parties. We will provide full details at closing, but can say that $TPAY and $XVG debit cards are likely coming soon.”

It is such speculations that have seen the value of the XVG coin increase recently with investors’ hopeful that fortunes will be changing soon if they jump in. However, we might have to wait until April 17th to know this mysterious partner following a recent tweet from Derek Capo, TokenPay CEO;
“There is a lot of speculation that @tokenpay is the mystery partner for @vergecurrency the answer is no. However, we do have a lot of plans to integrate $XVG into a lot of services we plan to offer soon. The crypto community needs more partnerships to increase adoption of crypto.”

Verge (XVG) Current Market Performance
The XVG coin is among the most convenient cryptocurrencies for users who value privacy and anonymity based on its protocol. This has been a big factor on the coin’s algorithmic score in which the coin is ranked 10th position while the total supply of XVG coins is at 14,877,632,068 as of press date. Volatility is a common risk factor for this altcoin that has been at 62% volatility within the last month although most of this has been on the upward price trajectory.

Verge (XVG) has been in existence for roughly 42 months which increases its probability of survival when looking at achievements in the roadmap so far. In addition the coin has proven to be a cash cow so far with a daily average return of 4.55%, this is not close to any amount of interest of dividends paid on market securities. However, fundamental and technical analysis would be important for any investor thinking of giving up their almost riskless bond portfolio for a stake in the crypto market.

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Author: Edu Gachaja
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