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Chris Gorman writes:
I know some people feel a little challenged with ETN and possibly hurt the belief . Can I ask that you pause for a moment, and let me ask you a question…

First, let’s consider that the partnerships we have announced already, reach over 100 million subscribers with annual recurring revenue amounting to over $10billion. If there were any hint of doubt, they would be issuing corrections – yet all you will find is confirmations or reposts.

Mobile operators typically take 6 to 9 months to integrate new products, and so far they have been cautious about getting involved in crypto. We have been live for just over four months; we are confident implementation will start well ahead of our quoted target of 6 months.

We are on a journey of mass adoption, balancing the needs of the existing investors and market, combined with our aspirations to impact financial inclusion in developing markets. Our unique ability to get ETN into people’s hands is a catalyst for change. We do not doubt that helping with a subject that is so high on the agenda of many economic leaders, could be very beneficial.

Our patent news for instant payments and subscriptions underpins our obsession in creating convenience and simplification to our first world users. This, along with the fintech partners announced for our “pop up ecosystem” will be a strong attraction for our vendor partners … and much more to come…..

So, my question is this – if you have serious doubts that are they based on is it that makes you doubt us? Is it something you know? Alternatively, or is it something you have heard
We have created a breakthrough product and built a strong foundation for growth. As you will see with our partner implementations over the coming months, we are set to open the market to even more significant partnerships on our continued Journey.

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