Litecoin’s (LTC) Charlie Lee signs NDA with rising giant TokenPay (TPAY): LiteCard on the Way?

TokenPay (TPAY) has partnered with a couple of blockchains starting with Verge (XVG), Enjin (ENJ) and most recently signed a non-disclosure agreement with Litecoin (LTC). The current cryptocurrency market has so far favored and rewarded any partnership with potential futuristic plans and that is what the ‘partnership’ between Litecoin and TPAY will be for its users. Litecoin’s CEO Charlie Lee welcomed the idea of an agreement between LTC and TPAY with the LTC boss hinting on a possible integration of LTC to TPAY ecosystem. The announcement of a signed NDA between Charlie Lee and TPAY CEO, Derek Capo was later confirmed on the TokenPay Twitter page.

Earlier in the day, Mr. Lee responded to XVG’s partnership with Pornhub, urging the adult content site to consider adding other coins while cheekily suggesting it should be Bitcoin, Litecoin LTC or Monero. “Turns out Verge’s super expensive partnership was PornHub. We think it has gained enough steam for us to penetrate the market. Penetrate.” He wrote on Twitter. “Pornhub, enough with the foreplay. Time to accept the real cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC, and XMR.”

When asked of his honest thoughts on the partnership, Charlie said, “I think having more places to spend crypto is good. But I do hope they accept more than just Verge. It’s quite hard for people to get XVG just to spend on PornHub. It’s a step forward [to the whole cryptocurrency market], but having to buy a partner is not a good precedent. Merchants shouldn’t need to be bribed.”

Charlie’s ‘honest opinion’ was taken in bad faith by most of Verge supporters who felt the answer was both a shill and disrespectful to the Verge partnership strategies to Pornhub. One specific distraught XVG fan was TokenPay’s CEO, Derek who responded sighting LTC’s controversial addition to Coinbase.

“I am sure you pseudo bribed to have Coinbase have Litecoin [listed on the exchange]……former employee, favors, etc. Same thing.” Derek responded.
The heated responses soon turned into a meaningful and development minded approach with both CEOs putting away their differences to focus on the bigger steak on the plate. Derek offered Litecoin LTC a chance to join the TPAY ecosystem while quoting TokenPay’s acquiring of German Bank.

“So when do you want to talk about a REAL debit card solution? We are buying 9.9% of a bank in Munich with option to buy 90%. We have a whole ecosystem and plan in place. Let me know how we can work together. The battle between old and new world is just getting started” Derek, CEO, TokenPay.

TokenPay is a decentralized network offering peer to peer mobile transactions through their blockchain. The overall network’s aim in essence is to provide a decentralized payment system that can be carried out on a public or private system on the TOR browser. The partnership with Verge showed increased the uptake in staking coins on the system with tens of thousands of wallets currently staking TPAY. Staking allows constant liquidity across the system which in turn allows instant transactions (less than 2 seconds).

The cryptocurrency announced its plan to initially acquire 9.9% of the German bank with a further option to buy 75% of the bank. Derek however, stated the plan of TPAY to acquire a total of 90% of the bank and will start offering credit and debit cards to Verge and Enjin holders. Charlie Lee seemed optimistic about getting on board as litecoin LTC looks to launch the LiteCard which will function the same as debit/credit cards.

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