How to become a Tron super representative!

Tron just introduced a concept known as Super Representatives, which is open to every token holder on the network. This allows for even the smallest coin holder on the TRX network, to have a voice in the project.
The criteria for being a Super Representative is that the delegate should:

1)Have an official website
2)Have team information ready: location of the team, arranged location of server and server type
3)2018 expenditure budget and technical plan by June 26th
4)2018 hardware capacity upgrade plan after June 26th
5)2018 community support plan
6)List of key staff and their photos
7)Background qualifications of key staff
8)Testable nodes for community members
9)A certain amount of social media influence: Twitter or local equivalent of 500+ followers; or Telegram group or local equivalent with 500+ members; or a Reddit page or a local forum homepage with 500+ subscribers; 500+ followers on other social media platforms.

This is an effective way of gaining community strength and is also a way of gaining influencers to share trons project. This is something that is fairly new in crypto currency and it should add value to TRX.

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