EOS, Brushing $10 And Could Hit $12 In April

EOS, another star currency for April.

EOS experienced quite an unfortunate February to March period, seeing only a very limited amount of improvement in value. The cryptocurrency boom at the start of 2018 saw EOS hit $18.00. As we know, the boom tailed off, leaving many currencies in tatters, EOS was no exception, stooping down to $6.00, and eventually down to $4.00 in the wake of what has been categorised as a historical event for cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry.
Fortunately, April has seen some excellent improvements for EOS. In fact, I have noted multiple times now that EOS seems to be leading the way somehow. When EOS jumps up, the markets follow, when EOS settles down, you guessed it, the markets, seem to follow.

Perhaps, EOS is the new Bitcoin?

Anyway, how is EOS looking today?
In the wake of the mid-April market surge, EOS has seen some good movements, it has kept a steady maintenance of around $8.00, give or take a few drops during this time. Now, the past few days, since the 18th of April specifically, EOS has seen a breach of above $9.00 which frankly it has flown past, there’s no looking back now.

At the time of writing, EOS is valued at $9.92 and is up by 9.73%, making huge gains and showing signs that the $10.00 threshold is next to be moved. If the pattern of EOS leading the market does continue (this is entirely speculation, obviously) then we will see EOS peak past $10.00 quite easily. Once this is complete, $12.00 is the next big target for EOS, potentially moving onwards to $13.00, putting it just $5.00 short of it’s peak back in January.

If we see a repeat of last week, EOS will of course suffer from some correction in light of another surge, therefore if we do see a surge, EOS might not manage to keep above $10.00 this time, however, considering we saw a low of $4.00 not so long ago, a maintenance at $9.00 would be fantastic. I think, looking at the prices now, we can be pretty certain that EOS will hit $10.00, if not today, it could happen over the weekend.
I am also conscious that as I write this, theres a chance that EOS will reach $10.00 in the time it takes to upload to article. If that is the case then lo and behold, EOS has reached $10.00 and is still climbing!

We should continue to keep our eyes on this currency. As I have stated, EOS really does seem to make changes in the market, when EOS goes up, the other currencies follow. Of course, it’s probably just coincidence, but in a market that is so volatile we need to latch on to ideas like this, if not for our own sheer sanity.

Over the next few months, if EOS continues it’s positive work, then we could see the currency fly past it’s $18.00 height, that is when things will get interesting.
Once more, please consider this as a discussion of how EOS could turn, this is not investment advice and should you choose to invest, do so wisely.

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Author: Nathan Bentley
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