How To Start Mining With Your Computer

It was back in December when the unfortunate news spread that the well-known mining marketplace Nicehash had been hacked; and not only this, the losses were valued in around $60 million that used to belong to funds of different users of the platform.

Regarding the subject, Nicehash released a public statement on Reddit declaring: “…our payment system was compromised and the contents of the NiceHash Bitcoin wallet have been stolen. We are working to verify the precise number of BTC taken”.

Of course, the whole situation was a significant concern for the users of the marketplace, which as a consequence, started the task of seeking a Nicehash alternative to use. Following I’ll specify three different option, you could be using if you want to surpass the now not-so-popular mining market platform.

1. Minergate

Minergate could definitely be an excellent alternative to move on from Nicehash; it functions in a very professional way and has one of the cleanest interfaces among its rivals, a fact that of course has granted it a very good traction in the market.

Regarding configuration, Minergate gives great usability but requires, on the other hand, a more elaborate setup than Nicehash — so perhaps you need to invest a little extra time configuring your hash.

The same way, it has a few restrictions when it comes to the payout, where the platform compels you to take out the money in the exact currency you were mining, dissimilar to Nicehash, which gathers all of your hashing results and give it back to you in Bitcoin.
However, the platform offers you a great solution for this problem, nothing less than its very own exchange net called “Changelly”, with which you will be able to trade your mined tokens into the one you prefer the most.

All in all: On Minergate you can get a clean interface, different mining currencies, customizing options, low fees, and a smart miner that allows you to choose the more valuable coin. Nonetheless, it also has awful hashing rates and the earnings release time lasts longer.

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2. WinMiner

WinMiner is a pro-privacy platform that allows you to turn your computer into an amazing cash retribution; the recognition made off the hashing is obtained in popular cryptos like Bitcoin or Ethereum, or even fiat currencies, like USD.

It works in a simple way; the platform gives you an estimation of how much you can make and what you need to set up in order to get it, retributions are very solid, transactions are entirely private — and the best of all, you can take out the money whenever you want, being able to even cash out from $10 up.

All in all: With WinMiner you can substitute as well Nicehash — it offers you the best payment possibilities, including Paypal, Amazon and more. The software is very easy to interact with, and you don’t actually have the need of creating a wallet. Besides, its intuitive algorithm informs you of your daily revenue and your expectations as well. Nevertheless, it exercises an excellent control over your mining activity, is very closed and unclear, and finally, it mines unknown currencies of which you don’t have a domain.

3. Awesome Miner

The final suggestion is nothing else than Awesome Miner, a platform that allows you to mine in just one or multiple computers at a time — and while you do it, it applies a switching profitability mode that gets for you the best reward according to the prices in the market.

It also allows you to deploy a remote control program which permits you to mine remotely from one point to another, which doubtlessly is one of the more desirable features. However, most of the really amazing characteristics are not free, and because of that some of the users might turn to other options.

All in all: Awesome Miner is just as its name proclaims, awesome, but it is so well-elaborated that most of the features have a usage fee, which makes many think twice before using it. Some of the characteristics as well, are not so easy to use, so there’s a room for confusion. But it is one of the most potent mining networks existing without any doubt; it allows its users to switch from currency according to profitability and what’s better, to operate remotely from another pc.



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Author: Jide Idowu
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