Can Tron be the Real Deal?

I do so love to read all the “Mooners” who hype up crypto coins. “To the Moon” regularly appears on many sites as these armchair investors hope that their favorite coins go ballistic hitting 100 times returns. But, to be fair to them, there is no reason why some coins cannot repeat what the likes of Etherium or Bitcoin Cash have already achieved.

Ethereum is currently trading at £447 on Coinbase as I write this piece. That is a whopping 947% increase over the past 12 months for this coin. Yes, Ethereum has a strong platform that other build on, but that is increasingly under threat from new competition. Still, Ethereum is holding its value up 37% in the last month. So, perhaps the “Mooners” should still have hope that their preference in coins has the capacity to indeed – Moon.

ICO of the week:
Working product – ✅
Major player involved – ✅
Experienced team – ✅
Active community and social channels – ✅
Potential of mass adoption – ✅

One coin that always ignites debate on the crypto chatlines is TRON [TRX]. Already this week as Tron has moved up to 11th spot on Coinmarketcap, the Mooners are predicting a huge increase in its value. One may speculate as to why. Well, I think many of these Mooners will dump Tron as a soon as it hits a price that covers their losses. That is a sad fact of life. But on the other hand, why should Tron not begin to develop as the next Ethereum? After all, that is the Tron leadership team’s dream, right? To build something special and to decentralize the Internet creating a massive new powerhouse built on the blockchain.

Certainly, the Tron coin supply would have analysts telling us that it has too many in circulation to justify a big price hike. And that the current spike in pricing is simply FOMO as many get in ahead of the Mainnet launch on 31st May. But, as this coin and its development team continue to create outcomes in terms of coding, exchange listings, government partnerships and new hires, there is a sense that something special is being created. No more hype and social media promises, but solid progress in all areas in line with stated ambition. And this is why Tron could surprise the analysts showing strong growth in the next 6-12 months.

With Etherium at current prices, it is possible and plausible that Tron could hit $1 by the end of the year. I would go as far as saying that if it doesn’t, it may have investor sentiment problems.
The market will always dictate price. And the more the market believes in something real with tangibles being created, the higher the price.

This is where Tron is showing it believes it can do what it says on the tin and be the real deal.

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