Love Crypto? Love to Travel? How to Travel the World Using Crypto

Traveling is often an arduous process. While it is rewarding, notifying banks and credit unions, exchanging currency, finding international insurance, and other tasks consume a significant amount of a traveler’s time. Cryptocurrency is not mainstream yet, but for those comfortable with using it, it may be the answer to making the travel experience smoother.

Blockchain technology makes it easy to keep track of payment histories and currency exchanges. All transactions are recorded on a transparent public ledger and time-stamped, so users never have to worry about oversight or falling into a mire of documents. If an institution claims a discrepancy, travelers can hold them accountable and prove that their purchases are legitimate and verified.

Cryptocurrency is prone to price fluctuations, too. These undulations can be challenging to navigate, but it also opens the possibility of traveling for cheaper than what fiat money guarantees. Here are some tips for using cryptocurrency to move around the globe.

Accommodations with AiRstayz

For travelers headed to Australia, AiRstayz is a crypto-friendly mobile app for booking into hotel rooms. Guests can check in after hours, access their rooms without physical keys, and utilize a range of concierge services.

The founder of AiRstayz, Marc Icalia, tells OpenKey (whom the company has partnered with):

“AiRStayz was founded to improve guest experiences via digital smart technology for a range of accommodation providers… We want guests to experience everything Australia has to offer… That experience should not include spending time in a check-in or check-out line having to wait for a replacement key to your room.”

AiRstayz will soon host its own Initial Coin Offering, allowing travelers to use its platform’s own brand of digital currency.

Book flights with crypto-friendly websites

Scheduling flights are often one of the most daunting and complicated parts of planning a trip.

Was payment accepted? Will people have records from buying seats? Will airlines guarantee refunds or reschedules after delayed flights? There is a lot that can go wrong in an airport, but blockchain technology can serve as a witness for ticket purchases.

Some online travel agencies, like, accept Bitcoin payments for booking flights. was the first in the world to do so in 2013, so it’s familiar with the process and works with customers to legitimately buy tickets.

Access accounts with crypto-enabled debit cards

According to blogger ExploreTraveler, the most useful item he uses in his travels is a Shift Card connected to Coinbase. Shift Card is the first US bitcoin debit card that 38 million merchants accept globally.

Shift Cards allow users to access their crypto accounts at Bitcoin’s rate at any given time. If Bitcoin is worth $700 one day and $900 the next, Shift Cards ensure that Bitcoin holders can take advantage of the currency’s true value when they need to.

Check who accepts cryptocurrency

Travelers searching for one of the 38 million aforementioned businesses can look to Coinmap. Coinmap can connect users with stores, restaurants, and other institutions that are near an assortment of destinations. Users can leave ratings, too, so future travelers are not trapped in frustrating experiences.

Travel can be exciting, inspiring, relaxing, or invigorating — so why not use cryptocurrency to do it?

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Author:  Joe Kildune
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