XRT: The X-Factor Token

CEO of XRT Foundation

“I planned to start this project six months ago as I already had undertaken my research over it, but nothing is possible without a good, enthusiastic, collaborative and committed team. At the same time Anil was also doing some research to understand both the pros and cons of the blockchain. We decided to put all of our efforts into one place. Finally I have such a wonderful team which always stands by me. Now we are at a stage where we can say ‘yes ! We are XRTians’. My team is my only strength.”


MJ Paul, Founder & CEO at XRT Foundation.

Basically, XRT is a peer to peer ERC-20 decentralised token which aims to work in the food industry. We have planned to raise the funds through an ICO which we will use in the development of XRT Foundation. We have a target of being involved with 2000+ food companies where XRT will be the main factor for paying at their restaurants and cafes. XRT is going to become very popular, especially in Asia, the first choice to start their food chain,  where the public will be able to use their exclusive mobile app, which we call ZEN XRT.


ZenXRT application on smart phones will provide an easy and interactive way to trade with XRT coins. We have built a light weight mobile application ZenXRT, which provides XRT wallet to buy/sell XRT coins. You can get the latest updates and news about our XRT tokens, as well as the current market conditions. It will be available for both Android and iOS.

XRT is working continuously for the growth of it’s foundation. They have their own policies and strategies to help succeed in their goal. Even though we haven’t started our ICO, we are being listed daily on ICO trackers, linking up with some well known companies, working with popular crypto investors and promoters. The progress we have shown is very impressive.


This is a very popular and effective strategy to promote your project. XRT, as we stated, are Airdropping 50 million XRTs for 80000 people and looking to be one of the finest and largest Airdrop’s ever. Each participant will get 400 XRTs by simply filling out the Airdrop form from the website. Along with this, there is a bounty campaign where the community members have a wonderful opportunity to earn more XRT.


As we see lots of cryptocurrencies coming along at the moment, but only a few succeed. This can sometimes be because of their improper and unclear vision of their project. Where XRT Foundation has a very clear goal to serve the people in the food industry through XRT, with the help of blockchain. We have adopted Ethereum technology as we all know it is faster and more secure than Bitcoin. XRT has a very strong marketing strategy and a very dedicated and committed team, where all members are trained and excel in their respective fields.

The funds raised from the ICO will help us to get listed on some popular and secure exchanges, to build a strong and broad network within the XRT community. We are also aware about the security of our customers as they will be using both the mobile app and desktop Wallets for their coins. We all envisage a good future for this project.

Concluding all the factors, we can now understand why XRT Foundation is different from the others.

XRT Crowd sale



The XRT Initial Coin Offering (ICO) would allow XRTs to be used as a future payment to local and global businesses to allow esteemed XRT users the opportunity to utilize their XRT Coins freely anywhere, thereby securing their transactions.

Contact : info@xrtfoundation.org

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