Verge (XVG): The Banks have Said Yes to Verge, What Next?

If you are a Verge (XVG) user, it is a bout time you called your local bank and ask whether they are accepting vergecurrency. The coins; dream seems to be coming true and this is set to have positive impact in terms of adoption, volume movement and adoption.
Verge is set to make history as among the first Altcoins to give its holders a real world use case. When critics were celebration thinking Verge is in the verge of going out and under among the top coins, it is about time they watched this space.

The silence from the Verge (XVG)team brought a lot of anxiety and this tool a toll in the price. However, things are looking up and soon, the coin will be part of the game when transacting from your local bank. Although the coin is still trading below the $1 mark, its potential has just been ignited.

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Should you buy Verge (XVG) Now?

Well, if the coin has been on your watch list, this is the right time to stake on it. The price has only one option; skyrocketing. Usability partnerships is what will make cryptocurrencies are banking on for their future. The banking industry is booming and looking for blockchain partnerships that will benefits them and their user base.

There has been a lot of speculation on the next big Verge partner is and this did not come out positive to the speculators. What comes from the team behind the coins is some good news from TokenPay;
So, what does this go to do with banks saying yes to verge (XVG)? Simply put, this means Verge (XVG) coin holders will soon be using debit cards. Verge (XVG) and TokenPay (TPAY) plastic cards are sending the entire ecosystem mainstream. This is set to open more hidden opportunities for the verge currency, increased adoption and additional value.

If you have been a Verge project follower, you must have notices is designed for mass adoption. With a lot of competition in the cryptocurrency market, competitor preparedness is what should make Verge emerge the natural option for the banking industry and ordinary user mass adoption.

Introduction of debit card is a surefire means to awaken the sleeping giant. TokenPay choice will enjoy the Verge obfuscated transactions for those who hold privacy dear. Users are looking for value for their money and the low fee is another factor that will send XVG wild.

Verge freedom of choice during transactions is another reason why the banks are confortable. Users can choose to transact in private or publically. This function will give the coin global appeal as well as adoption.

Verge has already partnered with Brazzers and PornHub a clear indication that it is a safe haven for privacy seekers and banks that are open to public scrutiny. The XVG TPAY collaboration is a two way benefit sharing arrangement and this is a good value proposition for the investor.

Due to the nature of the cryptocurrency market, Verge partnership with TPAY seeks to bring onboard a network that will cushion the investors against pump and dump schemes that are being witnessed in the digital money markets today. TokenPay is set to instill the transparency that the banks need from a coin like XVG.

Verge (XVG) Trading Price Overview
To get any substantial price shift north for the coin, the stakeholders have to wait for some time. These partnerships are set to spur additional growth on top of the gains the coin accrued after the crypto-crash. Once the new arrangement is put in place, the investor should start seeing the results beginning for the last quarter.

At the time of writing, Verge (XVG) was trading at0.053545 after losing 11.15% against the dollar in the last 24 hours. This has been the trend for the last 7 days and signs of a breakthrough are in the offing. The coin is set to gain marginally towards the end of May and cross the $1 mark in July owing to its past performance. This makes it the ideal time to buy and hold on to XVG.

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