Sole Survivor: Decred (DCR) Unaffected in Latest Market Downturn

Decred (DCR) is not giving up: the project team is making the rounds to present on conferences, and the voting system is creating enthusiasm in the community. This helped the DCR market price, which continues the ascent, with no known limit.

DCR is still relatively thinly traded, more than 87% against Bitcoin, and the rest against the Korean Won. Even with that limited trading, the price has inched from a drift around $30 to current levels above $110. In the past 24 hours, DCR grew by another 3% to $113.40, breaking its dollar record and heading to repeat its BTC peak.
Volumes are increasing every day, and the hopes are for a price of at least $200 or $300 by the end of 2018.

DCR starts to look like one of the older coins making a new attempt at marketing and publicity. A fork of Bitcoin, the asset is mined, but also secured by staking nodes, and has a voting system in place to achieve hard forks or other updates.

The trend for a solid governance system seems to have taken over coins and tokens in 2018, after the Bitcoin drama with updates played out in 2017 and showed that miners alone cannot easily achieve consensus.

Decred allows users to lock funds into a ticket. The tickets are called to vote on the state of the network, and after the vote, the funds are returned with a small reward. This form of staking has drawn the community to hold onto DCR without speculative selling. Some DCR owners believe the current steep price rise is not the best scenario for the project.

Curiously, in the past day DCR had a sudden drop in hashrate, from around 11,400 TH/s to less than 8 TH/s, but the rate is recovering. In May, Decred network mining has increased up to five times as ASIC machines are coming on board, and the project has no intentions of becoming resistant.

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Author: Christine Masters
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