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Bitfinex and Tether

Bitfinex which is one of the biggest virtual-currency markets has been some kind of mystery in the crypto world. Wells Fargo & Co dumped it last year and from the time, it has been secretive of how fiat money can be transferred without a bank.

According to knowledgeable people in the subject matter, Noble bank which is based in San Juan took over the necessary banking duties for Bitfinex in 2017. Bitfinex was, therefore, involved in third-party account strings in Panama City in order to stay active.

Tether has also been affected and as it shares the management team with Bitfinex which includes the CEO Jan Ludovicus van der Velde. There is little information in regard to how Tether was created and therefore, it trades at the $1 price level due to the fact that each of the coins should be backed by around $1 of fiat. The currency entered the trading world in 2015 and can be an alternative to the Bitcoin volatility.

Global Impact

Therefore, other intractable enshroud the two corporations. According to a person who has information in regard to the matter, regulators have been involved in Tether investigation on the $2.1 billion customer money backing n the virtual coin. The organizations have not yet provided the evidence to the public domain and this lack of transparency has led to critics to Bitfinex and Tether.

Tony Arcieri, who is a software engineer and also a security analysis said this in a report;

“I, and many others, suspect Tether is being used to effectively counterfeit hundreds of millions of dollars of perceived value, which are being immediately reinvested into Bitcoin.”

The US-based Justice Department opened a criminal probe to ascertain if the traders might be manipulating the bitcoin price and also the other cryptocurrencies. Tether and Bitfinex have had market repercussions and this had made the banks fear for money laundering and also other insecurities.

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Strict Rules

Most of the financial organizations have strict rules linked to the customer verification and money laundering and they don’t want to associate themselves with the criminal activities. The Bank of America Corp, the capital One financial corps and also Discover financial services have banned the customers from the purchase of virtual money with their credit cards.

Puerto Rico has been involved in cash influx linked to cryptocurrencies last year. The cash and also the equivalents of cash which are held by the islands financial entities, for instance, Noble reached $3.3 billion in 2017 which was from $191 million in 2016.

$31 million Hack

Noble is involved in the use of the Bank of New York melon Corp as a custodian. Bitfinex was established in Hong Kong in 2013 and in 2016, the exchange was hacked an amount of $68 million. One year later around $31 million worth of Tether was stolen in another hack.

Calls made to the general council on Bitfinex were not answered. Other concerned individuals did not, however, comment on the matter such as Jonathan Gasthalter.

Reputational Risk

Noble is obligated to report the various suspicious financial activities which might help the US government eliminate cases of money laundering. However, foreigner accounts can be anonymous if the assets are declared trusts.

Noble is involved in the connection of the exchange users though housing company and customer accounts internally. By the use of the interbank transfers, a Bitfinex user who has a noble account may have euros or dollars moved internally to their Bitfinex account.

Before Noble

The troubles of Bitfinex started in 2017 march at a time when Wells Fargo passed the message to four banks involved with Tether and Bitfinex that it would not process the wire transfers which were coming to the US.

Therefore, just before Noble started the transactions, Bitfinex had looked for banking solutions everywhere. The firm also was seeking help from Crypto Capital Corp. through its president, Ivan Molina Lee, Crypto Capital was linked to bank Spoldzielczy in Poland which Bitfinex was involved in the use for the euro-based deposits.

A crypto capital representative declined to make a comment and a request made to talk to lee was not answered. Therefore, through a spokesman, they said that the bank did not deal with cryptocurrencies.

Roberts Jan den Haan a Dutch researcher involved in researching Bitfinex and the Tether saga said;

“Essentially, Crypto Capital Corp. and their bank accounts enabled Bitfinex to maintain their access to fiat deposits and withdrawals. No access to fiat banking would make it quite problematic for Bitfinex to function as it is today, especially in relation to Tether and its one-to-one dollar backing.”

Author Wilfried Paul 
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