Stormy Daniels is adding cryptocurrency to her website — and it isn’t Verge

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The users will get rewarded in cryptocurrency to watch porn

It appears that the romance between pornography and cryptocurrency industries is just getting started.

Popular adult film star Stormy Daniels today announced a cryptocurrency-based reward program on her website (warning: NSFW).

Darkreach Communications, the company which manages Daniels’ website, has partnered with Vice Industry Token (VIT), a blockchain start up that allows adult film producers to monetize their content by rewarding viewers with VIT tokens just for watching content.

The VIT token will also be integrated with 20-plus other pornography websites managed by Darkreach Communications.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time a cryptocurrency is being integrated with porn websites.

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Pornhub announced a partnership with privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Verge in April.
The association was mired in controversy, especially because of Verge’s bizarre appeal to its users to donate $3 million to reveal the potential partnership. Critics also raised concerns over the choice of partner for Pornhub — given the well-documented technical shortcomings of the cryptocurrency. Verge has suffered two 51 percent attacks, with nearly $3 million hacked.

Many businesses claim cryptocurrencies make it easier for them to incentivize their users to participate on their platforms.

I mean, not that people need reasons to watch porn, but getting paid to do so is definitely an incentive to stay a little longer.

But we all know there’s no such thing as a free lunch. The price you’ll pay for your “freebie” comes in the form of your personal data, which VIT is more than happy to profit off of.

These get-paid schemes might seem alluring — but as Apple CEO Tim Cook once noted — if it’s free, that’s because you are the product.

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Author Neer Varshney
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