Ripple’s CEO says – ‘We’re first a payments company’

Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, at the Yahoo Finance all markets summit gave answers to questions that compared Ripple with CHAIN.

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He was also asked what can Ripple be called as, a blotchy company or a crypto company.

Garlinghouse said he has a lot of respect for Adam Ludwin, CEO at CHAIN, but his impression is that CHAIN has shifted their focus to a product they call ‘Sequence’ and that they are working on kind of a new segment of their customers and in the cross-border payment space he says, Ripple is far ahead of what anybody else is doing. He doesn’t think of CHAIN as a competitor.

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Garlinghouse states:
“I know they did a pilot with NASDAQ they did some stuff with VISA, my impression is that they are working on kind of a new segment, so you know in the cross-border payment space I think Ripple is far ahead of what anybody else is doing. And you know I feel good about the traction momentum and the pipeline of customers that we have going.”

On asked about what is Ripple he said they are first a payments company that uses Blockchain and digital assets to solve a problem. On speaking about other such companies he mentions that ”they have a peanut butter problem”. He thinks these companies and platforms are trying to be all things to all people.

His advice to other companies:
“if they have 100 different use cases you’re pursuing, you have zero because you cannot understand a 100 different customers and a 100 different needs of the buyers, and you need to focus and understand and tell ‘hey we’re going to solve this for this verticle and we’re goooing to use blockchain technology to do that.”

“So I am [Ripple] payments company that uses Blockchain and uses digital assets to solve the payments and liquidity problem.”

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Author: Ranjitha Shastry
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