Cardano (ADA) – Latest developments could push it to $1 in Q3

Yesterday Cardano (ADA) team released a newsletter detailing what they have achieved and their roadmap for quarter 3. If this newsletter is anything to go by, then Cardano is definitely one of the best cryptos to buy and hold at the moment.

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Once they implement what is in the pipeline, Cardano could very easily get back to its all-time highs of over $1 within the next 3 months. Just to give you an idea of how big this is, here are some of the things that Cardano has accomplished this month, and things that they intend to accomplish in quarter 3.

First, Cardano has introduced a much more advanced version of the Cardano paper wallet, one that is more secure and usable. This is a big move, one that is guaranteed to drive huge investments into Cardano. That’s because investors can put in their money knowing that there is a secure storage where they can keep their coins, outside of the exchanges. Part of the reason why investors shy away from holding most altcoins long-term, is the lack of usable wallets. In essence, Cardano has now joined the league of some of the cryptos that an investor can hold long-term, and comfortably so. This will reflect in its value in the next few months.

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Second, in the last few weeks, the Cardano team has managed to create a faster wallet, one that synchronizes with the blockchain instantaneously. This wallet will drive up the number of investors putting their money in Cardano. That’s because an investor is assured that if they lose their wallet key, they can easily restore it and the balances will reflect immediately. This will create more trust in the Cardano blockchain and drive up the levels of investment in this crypto.

On top of that, Cardano (ADA) is working on some top quality partnerships that could give it a huge publicity boost in the market. For instance, the Cardano team has announced that in Q3, they will be entering into a strategic partnership with Metaps Plus. This partnership will be about integrating Cardano (ADA) into the Metaps Plus mobile systems, including mobile payments systems. This is a big deal for Cardano for two reasons. The first one is that the Cardano blockchain will get a major boost in the South Korean market given that Metaps is one of South Korea’s largest mobile corporations. As such, crypto investors in South Korea will take a huge interest in Cardano thanks to this deal, and significantly drive up demand. Secondly, the fact that Metaps will be integrating the ADA token means that it will gain a massive use case, one that will give a massive boost to Cardano’s fundamental value.

All these factors point to a coin that is on the verge of a breakout. It won’t be surprising if the value of Cardano (ADA) shoots up to over $10 within 2018/19. This is a project that may not be performing so well at the moment, but one that has the capacity to grow exponentially in the future.

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Author: Floyd Cook
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