BREAKING NEWS: Someone Just Tried To Kill John Mcafee

John Mcafee takes to Twitter after being hospitalised for 3 days, claiming his ‘enemies managed to spike something [he] ingested’

After falling unusually silent on Twitter over the last 3 days, many crypto fans were beginning to wonder where the King of Crypto had gone. In the last hour however, the unthinkable has occurred which has shocked the crypto community. The cybersecurity magnate returned to Twitter tell his followers that an attempt had been made on his life this week, leaving him in a critical condition in the Vidant Medical Center in North Carolina since Wednesday.

According to his post, it appears that ‘his’ enemies had poisoned something he had consumed which left John Mcafee unconscious for 2 days while Doctors desperately tried to save his life.

He posted a series of pictures showing him lying in a hospital bed with a warning to those that did this to him,

“I know exactly who you are”

Mcafee’s wife, Janice, has also taken to Twitter to direct a warning towards those that have injured the living legend.


But Who Would Do Such A Thing? 

John Mcafee has been engaged in a well-reported public feud with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission for the past 2 weeks, following comments made by the SEC Chairman, Jay Clayton, at their recent “Investing In America” discussion.

In these comments, John Mcafee posted the Chairman’s personal contact details with the general public over Twitter including an abusive comment demanding Chairman Clayton challenges Mcafee in a public debate.

He also reported earlier in the week that the SEC has sent him a series of ‘threats’ which have made him stop promoting ICOs and digital assets on his Twitter page.

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