Pornhub, currently the summit of online adult entertainment, has started accepting both Tron (TRX) and Zencash (ZEN) as payment for its premium memberships, giving Tron an unusual source for a boost in its legitimacy since entering its own mainnet.

Valued at USD 0.03 per coin, TRX has received a significant amount of attention for its mainnet ambitions, but the interest quickly trailed off as everything was drowned out by the cryptocurrency bear market. From there, the coin’s value just kept declining, leaving it anemic despite the slight recovery that Bitcoin has made over the past few days.

Even today, when most cryptocurrencies experienced a decline between one and three percent, Tron has been spiraling downward, experiencing a 3.13% drop over the past 24 hours.

Now that a large business like Pornhub has set its sights on including TRX as a payment option, it might just spark another wave of attention to the cryptocurrency, especially considering its focus on the entertainment industry.

On the other side of the (literal) coin, Pornhub keeps its revenue well-hidden. There’s no way to tell exactly how much capital could eventually flow into Tron as a result of this inclusion.

All we know is that the company’s site gets four times as many visits as the world’s population per year, at 81 million visitors per day. A company like this is bound to make a significant amount of passive revenue, especially since it uses a model similar to YouTube’s for the monetization of videos by uploaders.

Tronix, being an entertainment-oriented cryptocurrency, was an obvious choice for Pornhub. However, the addition of Zencash was a little more subtle.

The choice to include the latter coin may have been made because of its enhanced anonymity and model combining proof of stake with proof of work. Despite this, it’s worth noting that Zencash’s network suffered a 51% attack earlier this month, making the decision to include this coin a bit risky.

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Author: Miguel Gomez
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