MeFy is Set to Revolutionise the Healthcare Industry

At MeFy, we are developing the Future of Integrated Decentralised Healthcare Human Platform.

Sydney, Australia/Durgapur, India…

Have you ever stopped to wonder what it would be like if a fifth of the world’s population had their health record stored on a single digital platform? A platform open to doctors and healthcare providers that would speed up the process of sharing information while still ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of patient data. With this comes improved medical care to patients and medical research on new treatments and cures could be carried much more quickly than in the past.

We are not talking about a group of  countries here, just one – India.

This would sound like an impossible dream if we were to look at some of the current facts on India’s Health sector;

· India is a country of 638,000 Villages, most of them having no medical facilities

· 840 million population living in these villages or 70% of India’s population

· Just 1 government doctor for every 10,189 people

· One state-run hospital for every 90,343 people

· 11-12  beds  per  10,000  population  in  India

· PHC and CHS, either have no doctors or no equipment

The bottom line– It is a healthcare system at breaking point.

MeFy is here to change this situation for the better. Mefy endeavours to achieve this by deploying 5,500 secondary care clinics (MeFy  Edge Clinics) across India and 250,000 primary care clinics (MeFy Nano Clinics) across all Panchayats (Village Councils). This will have the effect of shifting much of the patient work-loads from oversubscribed and under-resourced public primary and secondary care facilities.

MeFy is an integrated health platform run on a distributed private blockchain network. The MeFy IOT powered diagnosis device is at the heart of the MeFy platform and used to diagnose patients accurately based on their past medical data, treatment adherence and current health parameter measurements. MeFy is using state of the art technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet-of-things, Blockchain and services like telemedicine to deliver high-quality healthcare services to all. By allowing patients to run an unlimited number of tests annually for a fixed fee, it typically reduces the cost of healthcare by over 80%, savings are even higher for chronic patients needing regular and frequent monitoring of their condition.

This has the potential to dramatically improve the healthcare industry and usher in a revolution in drug research and development, reducing doctor and hospital workloads as well as offering true “anytime & anywhere” medical access.

Mefy is a platform that will be leveraged and deployed globally in all countries, but we have a vision to especially empower developing and underdeveloped nations with “Accessible, Affordable and Authentic” healthcare.

At MeFy we are developing the Future of Integrated Decentralised Healthcare Human Platform.

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