XYO came onto the scene out of nowhere in 2018. In fact, it’s still flying a bit under the radar compared to where it could be next year. ICOExaminer calls XYO “one of the highest profile ICOs at the time of writing.”

If you watch T.V., you may have seen XYO featured on CNBC where they were called “a perfect enterprise play for Amazon.” And just recently XYO grew even closer to Amazon by joining Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Partner Network.

But what many don’t know is that they’ve made an arguably even bigger splash overseas in the Chinese, South Korean and European markets. They’ve been featured in massive Chinese Publications, including Forbes China.

Behind XYO sits an Internet of Things (IoT) Location Technology company called, “XY”. Founded in 2012, XY has built over 1 million hardware devices that enables consumers to find and track their lost items. They’ve defined a new vertical called built on the concept of their “findables technology” called Location of Things (LoT).

But where this gets really interesting is in how they’re merging LoT with the power of blockchain. At the end of 2017, XY unveiled its most ambitious project yet: the XY Oracle Network (“XYO Network”).

In the world of blockchain technology there exists a concept called an “oracle”. An oracle is an off-chain data source that feeds information to blockchain smart contracts in order for them to execute.

For instance, one can create a peer-to-peer prediction application that awards the winner 100 ETH after a sports game concludes if Team A beats Team B by programming it to check espn.com’s API one second after the game ends. In this example, espn.com is what’s called an “oracle”.

The idea behind XYO is similar. Except, instead of calling out to espn.com to get the score of a sports game, it enables one to call out to the real world to get an item’s geolocation!

This is a game changer and will take crypto to the next level.

XYO enables smart contracts to call out to the real world to program functionalities like, “When item A gets to XY-cordinate (latitude, longitude), then send 100 ETH to wallet address `0x1234…`

This opens up an entirely new world of possibilities for blockchain technology. This enables blockchain to move from the digital world to the real world.

The implications of this are huge. And that cannot be stated enough.

Most people don’t realize it, but real-world commerce is still massive. Most of the world’s transactions ($70 Trillion+) are still dependent on location-reliant events. Amazon.com is primarily focused on the e-commerce online transaction markets which is only a $2 Trillion Dollar Market in comparison!

XYO is backed by an exceptional team with some of the biggest names in blockchain backing them. Charlie Shrem, Founder of The Bitcoin Foundation, and one of Bitcoin’s original backers. He recently announced that he’d be joining XYO’s Board as an Advisor.

There are likely some BIG things coming over the next year for XYO.

XYO Network is backed by big-named blockchain founders, including Bitcoin Foundation Founder, Charlie Shrem
The best news about XYO?

It’s not too late to get XYO before everyone else does!

The project launched their Main Sale on March 20th – May 20th. After this sale concluded, they burned all unsold and unallocated XYO. But before doing so they allocated a public pool of XYO to their GAMMA Stage Sale. This sale is ongoing and will likely continue until XYO is listed on a major exchange and launches their XYO Mainnet later this year.

But one problem: The GAMMA Stage Sale has price increases that are much steeper than the Main Sale. They haved only allocated a small percentage of XYO (~50 Million XYO) per stage, and after each 50 Million block of XYO is sold, the price increases 2.5%!

Once the amount of XYO allocated to this public sale is sold out, you won’t ever be able to purchase XYO from the team directly.

Another thing you should know is this: because XYO believes in the free market of cryptocurrency, they did NOT lock-up their tokens.

This means that as soon as you purchase your XYO from their website, you get the XYO directly in your ERC-20 ETH Wallet. But this has downsides, as well. It means that any decentralized exchange out there (whether or not they’re selling real XYO or fake XYO) can list XYO. Because of this, we recommend buying XYO directly from their sale website (https://get.xyo.network/).

Also, there’s another thing you should know.

We recommend purchasing XYO directly from the XYO website for a few reasons.

First, if you purchase from XYO directly then all of the funds go directly towards developing the XYO Team and Technology. Alternatively, if you purchase XYO through a decentralized exchange, your money just goes to flippers, traders and speculators.

Second, everyone that purchases XYO directly from their website is added to the XYO FHR. The XYO FHR is XYO’s “Founding Holder Registry”. This is basically a list of everyone’s wallet address that purchased from XYO directly in the very beginning stages of their project.

Those on the FHR are eligible to receive a bunch of additional perks for backing the XYO project directly. The biggest perk being airdrops from Geo dApps that launch on the XYO Network platform. This means, for instance, when the first set of Geo dApps launch that use the XYO Network platform (such as an Augmented Reality scavenger hunt game), you can look forward to token airdrops from the games to reward you for being an XYO Founding Holder!

I hope this gives you a sense of why XYO Network is so exciting! Believe it or not, we’ve barely even scratched the surface with this one.

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