Tron app now on Ledger, another tech-thrill for Tronix!

On 13th July, the subreddit forum of Tron community, Tronix, announced the launch of Tron App on Ledger. It further said that Tron can now be managed from Ledger Nano S through this app using the Tronscan desktop. Both of these Tron protocols are built and run by the community.

Tronscan is the native desktop client of Tron, built exclusively for the community to find all Tron-related information on a single platform.

There are three prerequisites essential to the usage of Tron on the Ledger. They are:
Ledger Nano S Wallet: It is a hardware wallet by Ledger for storing cryptographic assets and making secure digital payments.

Firmware version 1.4.2: Recently, the wallet firmware was updated to its latest version. A firmware is an inbuilt protocol in read-only memory devices. The main improvements were made in security and user experience.

Twitter and Reddit users have also expressed their doubts, regarding the app. To these queries, Ledger has replied guiding them to its support blog where they have displayed a step-by-step guide on how to use TRX on Ledger.

On Reddit, users are addressing minor issues, which are being clarified within the Tronix community.
diddilydangdoodle, on Reddit, asked:
“I’m clicking on “open wallet” and it says I should have an option to click on ledger but no option is up. Anyone else?”
To this, TyNoPwNs, replied:
“Click on open wallet again (very top of menu) , it’ll bring you to a new screen”
On another subreddit that carried the same news, a user raised a doubt on the security of Ledger. The user stated that the Ledger apps are not built by Ledger, which is a considerable security concern.
To this, another user, fbsobreira, replied by saying that:
“All code is opensource, ledger review the code, do all possible tests, compile on their end and then they post on the store with their key signature. That’s how you know it’s safe”
pmarinel, another supporter of Ledger commented:
“Most of the ledger apps are not made by ledger, they are made by Third-parties. This is nothing new.”

Also, several platforms also completed their TRX migration and became eligible to vote for the Tron Super Representatives. TRX token is again available for deposit and withdrawal on Bit-Z Exchange, Bittrex, Bitpie Wallet and HitBTC.

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