Excellent Projects Being Built On NEO (NEO) Platform

NEO’s popularity and user base is expanding rapidly. So too are the projects on NEO, many of which have the potential to grow exponentially. Here are three excellent projects that our experts are keeping a close eye on.



Effect.AI plans to build a mechanical turk. Based on the historical chess playing wooden turk (a wooden machine designed to play and beat people at chess, which was really operated by a hidden man), this project is completely driven by ethics and ideals. It operates by empowering people in developing nations by paying them $10 per hour for jobs. These simple tasks can be anything from filling out forms to crunching numbers. The end results are filtered into the AI machinery and help to act as a humanitarian mission.

Bridge Protocol

This is a specific ID management system which is designed to efficiently streamline and simplify ICO whitelisting processes. Currently, law firms charge around $250,000 for a complete KYC whitelist process, and Bridge Protocol is aiming to significantly reduce this.

The company is based in the US and is dedicated to being 100% compliant with all US laws and legislation to ensure that the company has secure and stable foundations for the future. They have a billion tokens at the moment, which are trading at under $1 each, so is well worth investing in.


This is a NEO based DEX, which has a very aggressive team behind it, who are trying to push the project as fast and far as possible. Switcheo was the first NEO base to market and it prides itself on promoting a user-friendly experience, which will help them to grow. Switcheo is the first multichain decentralised exchange for NEP-5 token trades built on the NEO platform.

While these are not all of the hidden gems on NEO, they are some of the best that are up and coming. The potential for these new projects is huge, and may give you a huge return on investment.

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Author: Adrian Barkley
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