WMPRO ready to disrupt word-of-mouth referral market

The word-of-mouth referral market is worth over 189 billion dollars and contains over 116 million operators. It allows individuals to participate in economic activity without needing too many qualifications and in some cases can make people millionaires.

However, the market suffers from many problems, such as the spread of misinformation and embezzlement of funds.

The phenomenon of fake news is not only limited to political discourse. Online social networks have allowed untrue information to flow into the public’s view. The market requires a means by which information concerning companies and operators can be certified in a secure, transparent manner. This can be provided by WM Professional (WMPRO) and the Eucleia blockchain platform.

The WMPRO blockchain through Eucleia – its platform – is the first global certificatory rating system connecting the word-of-mouth operators, based on blockchain principles. This concept will be extended to any profession and market.

The Eucleia Platform is a pioneer in bringing blockchain technology to word-of-mouth marketing firms. It has a rating system which is tamper proof thanks to cryptographic algorithms. It is a Professional Social Network which will reward users for providing new data and will improve their rating score. Participants will receive a ‘WMPRO Certified’ sticker to place on their websites which will act as a guarantee of verifiable information.


The Eucleia platform will be launch just 3 months after the WMPRO token sale ends.

The WMPRO token is an ERC20 compliant token and will be sold in a token sale event which will allow the WMPRO community to contribute to growing the ecosystem by purchasing WMPRO tokens. These will act as utility tokens which are meant to be used for Premium Services. They do not represent a share of the company’s equity.

WMPRO tokens are spendable on the platform, and the increase of the number of users in the community will generate a true decentralization to protect token price as well.

We may fore see the ‘WMPRO Certified’ sticker going viral, triggering a compound effect of the token value.

The WMPRO token Sale begins on 20th July, 2018 and goes on till 31th October, 2018. During the first period participants will see up to 40 percent bonus on tokens’ purchase.

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