With Minedblock’s Security Token you can own part of a crypto-mining company!

With cryptocurrency mining becoming an ever-popular venture within the space, we take a look at one such mining company who will use security tokens as a means to provide a share of the company for token holders. By literally allowing people to own a piece of the company that owns and operates everything, Minedblock is enabling a new level of access to cryptocurrency mining. To be abundantly clear, this is not a service that rents out mining rigs long term or another service selling “mining contracts” popular with amateur home miners, this token offering comes with a whole lot more than just a token!

With token holders legally entitled to a portion of ownership in the company itself, Minedblock becomes the first to use the security token model to fund a cryptocurrency mining operation and the first to file with the SEC, this can be proved here.

So how would it work exactly? Token holders are sent their cut of the profits at the beginning of each month, paid in ETH for now, but the company says they’ll have several payout options in the future. The token itself, the MinedBlock ‘MBTX’ is an ST-20 token built on PolyMath platform, which is in turn built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Also interesting to see, but actually makes a lot of sense – the fundraising caps are totally open-ended, with no limits. That wouldn’t sit well in the whitepaper of a typical ICO, but in this case, the amount they raise simply determines how many mining rigs will be running at the start. The percentage someone earns isn’t based on the number of tokens, but the percentage of the total token supply someone is holding instead.

Security tokens cannot thrive on hype alone, for obvious reasons, and the token holders know exactly how well the company is doing at all times due to monthly updates as well as the amount of their payouts.

So the Minedblock team is going to be feeling the pressure, and mining isn’t a risk-free business – the reality is far from ‘free money’ like some try to describe it.  Thankfully, the Minedblock team seems to have been taking notes on what has and hasn’t worked for others.

The largest expense of course – electricity. To lower that cost they’ve chosen Iceland as the first location, which has been consistently been drawing in miners with their low-cost electricity. They’re also not just mining Bitcoin, they’ll go wherever the highest profits are.

You can participate right away because the token sale has just begun! They’ve already earned some impressive evaluation scores from ICOBench with a 4.3(out of 5.0), as well as 9 (out of 10) on ICOMarks. Head over to their site to learn more https://www.minedblock.io/

Useful Links:

Official Site https://www.minedblock.io
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MinedBlock/
Twitter https://twitter.com/mined_block
Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/MinedBlock
Telegram https://t.me/minedblockofficial
Contact Email contact@minedblock.it



Viso Burn 1/4 of Supply


The wait is finally over: We’re proud to announce that the Viso token burn will take place on February 14, 2019, in our Valentines day massacre event.

This burn takes the circulating supply down from 200 million to 150 million

We wish to thank you (our loyal community) for helping us build everything we’ve got to show to date. Here’s a quick overview of everything we’ve accomplished together so far:

  • Developed and launched processing
  • SMART TERMINAL Developed and launched
  • In partnership with D8 Corporation, received certification from VISA and MasterCard
  • ICO completed
  • Android Wallet launched
  • Received licencing across Russia and Belarus

Thank you for your continuous support!

Retrieve Financial Freedom Globally with VISO!

The blockchain and cryptocurrencies are penetrating into our lives faster than the Internet did back in the day. As more and more people do business by using cryptocurrency for investments and payments, we have made it our goal to create VISO, a new-generation solution that makes cryptocurrency a means of everyday payments worldwide.

VISO is a payment system provider that incorporates cryptocurrency payments into point of sale SMART Terminals. Viso has a pragmatic team of developers on the team Egor Petukhovsky, Sergey Popov & Ann Tatarinchik the bright minds driving their in-house tech lab, advisors on the project include Sasha Ivanov who heads up the team at Waves. It will come as no surprise that Waves is the platform that Viso have launched their asset on, due to TX speeds available on this blockchain.

Conventional stores, restaurants, online stores, gas stations, dentistry clinics, coffee shops, and hundreds of other retailers will all be able to receive payments for their goods and services with VISO. The system lets you pay virtually any amounts for anything! This will
not only boost sales but also draw new customers to your business. Payments can even be made using the existing conventional payment environment via credit card-based purchase terminals, as VISO is not just about cards: we have been creating a full-scale system encompassing Cards for Regular Users, Top-Level Processing, and Payment-Accepting Terminals for Businesses.

The payment system will offer an unlimited potential for the instant and contactless receipt and sending of payments between the system’s individual users.


The VITO token is used in the VISO payment system as a settlement cryptocurrency and a means of paying commissions.

The worldwide spread of VISO has been programmed into the system and can occur any time now. VITO is a limited-issue token used for currency conversion in the payment system. Another reason the VITO TOKEN will interest investors is that VISO will enable individuals to instantly receive and send payments with no limits at all. With VISO, everybody wins, but those who become the first to use it will win the most.

“It makes sense to let the potential investor understand that we aren’t going to compete with monsters like banking systems but that we can make these monsters more humane, easy-to-use, and beneficial to everyone by expanding their capabilities via the VISO solution.”

All of cryptocurrency acceptance is implemented on VISO SMART terminals via the VISO Wallet and VITO Tokens. The cryptocurrency accepted as payment is automatically and instantly converted through processing, and the sale itself occurs in the national currency of the country in which the payment takes place. That way, SMART terminals or the VISO app for sellers greatly simplifies the day-to-day acceptance of payments and extends users’ cryptocurrency acceptance capabilities.

VISO Wallet options

Most people have already made the transition to digital payments systems in one form or another, be it contactless payments with a payment card, mobile payments or funds transfer using Samsung Pay, Alipay, PayPal or Apple Pay, or interacting with their bank accounts through mobile apps. The VISO vision does not seek to change any of this, but seeks simply to enhance it, to make things easier by taking advantage of the blockchain architecture and adding the ability to deal with cryptocurrencies, in short, to make it seamless.

Wallet Functions:

Anyone with Internet access can open a VISO Wallet and the balance can be denominated in VITO, other cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, Waves etc.) or any fiat currencies. To open a VISO Wallet, you go through a quick and easy registration process, which will allow you to reinstate your wallet access if you forget your login or password. VISO Wallet is a secure platform with access procedures that comply with banking security standards. Though primarily intended as a mobile app the VISO Wallet is also available in a web browser interface.

The VISO system relies upon its own token and cryptocurrency, VITO. Whenever a crypto or fiat transaction takes place, or a crypto to fiat exchange is needed, the required currencies are exchanged into and out of VITO. However, the speed of the system means that this takes place behind the scenes and is imperceptible to the user. Of course, VITO are required to access and use the VISO ecosystem but these are easily purchased with the fiat- or cryptocurrency of your choice, inside your VISO Wallet.

Again, our vision is utility for the customer, so VISO guarantees the best exchange rates, for whatever currency is required. Both domestic and international transfers and payment in VITO are commission-free. If cryptocurrencies are not accepted at the PoS then the VISO system will convert crypto to fiat on the fly; the merchant receives fiat and the VISO Wallet user pays in crypto. To facilitate this real-time transaction, the user will need to pre-select the crypto and/or fiat balance they wish to convert from; a simple process within the VISO Wallet app.

VISO Cards

VISO Card Lite: a virtual card powered by Host Card Emulation technology, enabling contactless payments from any NFC technology-supporting smartphone.
VISO Card Pro: a physical MasterCard or VISA payment card linked to VISO Wallet which supports contactless payments.

In the near future, they envision:

VISO Card Celestial: all the usual benefits, plus a credit card.
VISO Card Infinity: all the usual benefits, plus a premium credit card.

VISO cards support the SMART Balance technology, which enables the automatic conversion of funds from a payment card or a bank account into cryptocurrency and back. After enabling this option, you will no longer have to make cryptocurrency sale/purchase
transactions manually. Conversion rules are customizable by the user. This technology enables you to always maintain your preferred balance in regular currencies and in cryptocurrency.

Example: let’s say that you have set yourself a limit of USD 1,000 and that you have a BTC balance. After you make a USD 300 purchase, the system automatically sells the required quantity of bitcoins to bring your balance back to USD 1,000. Or the other way around, suppose you have refilled your card and now have a USD 1,600 balance. The system will
automatically sell USD 600 to refill your BTC balance.

VISO have taken payment cards to a new level!


Card issuing fee – physical Free
Card issuing fee – virtual Free
Annual fee – physical card Free
Annual fee – virtual card Free
Domestic exchange fee 0%
Foreign exchange fee 0%


VISO SMART Terminals

Through VISO SMART terminals, customers can:

VISO SMART terminals are a new generation of terminal that combine the features of regular bank terminals, payment terminals and cash registers, and that allow for launching any mobile apps powered by Android. VISO SMART terminals can be integrated with the accounting system of a commercial enterprise, effectively turning it into a fully featured
cash register that displays an entire product line. Combining all cashier machines into a single device allows the point of sale to minimise costs, which is especially important for small businesses.

VISO SMART terminals have the VISA and MasterCard certification, enabling these terminals to quickly replace any bank terminals at any point of sale. This certification means that VISO SMART terminals meet the PCI DSS 3 information security standard, which makes them highly secure.


In what has been a busy 2019 for the Viso team they have announced they have received licences to operate their SMART Terminals in the regions of Russia and Belarus. When you look at the partners they have onboard that include M4bank & Paymob alongside auditing firm Auditmrcheveli to name a few.

The company’s co-founders are the creators of technology leaders whose products have
been certified by VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Union Pay, and Belkart.

Viso currently trading on the Waves DEX under its native token VITO and is looking like a real value proposition! Check it out HERE!

Useful Links:

Official Site https://viso.global/
Presentation https://viso.global/viso_present_en.pdf
Whitepaper https://viso.global/white_paper.pdf
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/VISOGLOBALPAYMENTS/
Twitter https://twitter.com/@global_viso
Telegram https://t.me/VISOeng
Medium https://medium.com/viso
Bitcointalk https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2180444.0
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/viso.global/
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfDfxbAiNsXvJkqaW7YuTjA



Introducing the Next-Gen, Water-Cooled Mining System!

We take a closer look at the next big thing in the world of cryptocurrency mining.. the next-generation, water-cooled multi-miner produced by Buritino! 

Mining is one of the main methods to make money on cryptocurrencies. Anyone can join the network providing his or her equipment to perform encryption and validation calculations. Nowadays the majority of the mining equipment is produced by two companies – BitFury and Bitmain. Both companies produce equipment but they share the market. Bitmain works at mass market and produces standard ready-to-use equipment.  BitFury works with professional orders and adjust products for specific projects.

Existent equipment has several drawbacks: 

  • Poor repair capability
  • Impossible to upgrade
  • Dedicated only for one cryptocurrency type
  • Noisy
  • Heat diffusion

And the disadvantages do not end there for the current crop of mining equipment!

With the problems stated above a clear hindrance to an ever-growing community of cryptocurrency miners, it’s clear that there is plenty of room for far more efficient hardware..

The key problem of mining today is that it is performed on different types of equipment that do not have common standards. Devices become out of date earlier than they fail to function. People who involve in mining have to change them to new ones which entails great expenses. This caused the creation of the all-in-one multi-miner with the possibility of upgrading certain morally obsolete systems by Buratino team. Developers have made decision to leave at high level its power supply, cooling, sensor panel, tuning and constructive assembly.

The prototype of the miner was the military’s development due to the fact that Buratino Blockchain Solutions presented itself on LLC “SRI Special Algorithms”. This organization is a part of military industry.

Introducing the Papa Carlo!

The Papa Carlo is an advanced multi miner with water cooling system. It was manufactured based on a high-performance and energy-efficient chip with 7 nm technology process. This scheme allows to raise any crypto-currencies on the algorithms such as SHA-256 and SCRYPT, among which Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and many others. The basis for the miner is a multi-functional crystal that houses 3 types of logical cores. Two of them allows mining of more than 14 cryptocurrencies easily switching between them, and the Cortex M4 core is used in a variety of devices such as IoT, Wi-Fi, BLE, etc.

The device was developed by highly qualified specialists of Buratino Blockchain Solutions company, who have many years of experience in the production of complex radio electronic equipment.

As a ready-made device the Papa Carlo provides significant upgrades to the more common forms of hardware, notably:

HYBRID COOLING SYSTEM- Double cooling system uses ordinary water as a coolant. It cause reduction of the electricity cost and increasing computing performance.

POWER SUPPLY SYSTEM WITH EFFICIENCY OF 98-99%- As soon as we increase efficiency, the consumed electric power and the level of heat generation are reduced. There is a possibility of airless cooling of the power unit.

SCALABLE HASHING ALGORITHMS- The microprocessor is designed using a multithreaded scheme of the complete pipeline for independent calculation of individual values of the hash.

MICROCHIPS ON SELF-TIMED CIRCUITRY- Self-timed circuitry improves fault-tolerance in the operation of the miner and extends service life of electronic components.

Just check out the comparison!

Product backed by hard-working and innovative team!

Buratino Blockchain team was established based on “Specalgorithmy” research institute that has several years of experience in design and production of complex radio electronic equipment. First company product was Trezor Mini hardware wallet. It is based on an open license Creative Commons 4.0. A wallet of Trezor, world crypto-currency storage leader, was updated and reduced in size.

The second product is cargo-tracker Pierrot – that can track the location of container or any other object online and check the condition of shipment inside the container. System is working on blockchain and allow its participants to conduct smart-contracts due to their unique demand and to buy and sell containers online.

Statement from the Team:

Why does our team believe in the projects success?

We have developed the world’s first 3-in-1 miner, which host 3 types of logical cores. This design allows you to mine more than 14 crypto-currencies and create different types of devices. ASIC for mining crypto-currency employing both SHA-256 and SCRYPT algorithms, and the potential use in devices that need mathematical calculations.

Therefore, the Papa Carlo miner will be developed on the basis of a high-performance chip with a 7 nm process node. Chips manufacture will be located at Samsung capacities in South Korea. Only these chips will be delivered to Russia, but not end-user miners, which will significantly reduce the overhead customs costs and bring to Russian market a competitively cheap product. Soldering of printed circuit boards, testing, assembly of finished products and packaging will be made in Russia.

For more information please visit our official website!

Useful Links:

Official Website https://buratino.io
Whitepaper https://buratino.io/static/files/WP-en.pdf
One Pager https://buratino.io/static/files/1page-en.pdf
Technical Paper https://buratino.io/static/files/tp-en.pdf
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/buratinotech
Twitter https://twitter.com/BlockBuratino
Reddit https://www.reddit.com/user/BuratinoBlockChainSo/
Telegram https://t.me/buratino_news
Telegram Eng Chat https://t.me/buratino_eng_chat
Medium https://medium.com/@BlockBuratino
Bitcointalk https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5082435
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMYfH5j5WXQBjjs17RBaoSg




Turtle Network – The Hidden Gem

While the vast majority of the cryptocurrency industry has been both chaos and turmoil in 2018, there is a hidden gem which has bucked the bearish trend. The project is Turtle Network, which forged its first ever block in April ’18 and managed to increase its market cap substantially and perform over one million transactions in under 8 months.

But you would never know any of this, because almost everything Turtle Network has done until now has been a quiet, grassroots effort. There are no paid employees, everyone who works on the project is either a volunteer or helping in exchange for bounties.


What is Turtle Network?

“It’s an open, trusted, secure and distributed Blockchain Network for everyone with a build-in Decentralized Exchange (DEX).”


Here are some current facts about the Turtle Network;

  1. Over 30 independently run nodes support the Turtle Network security across 13 countries worldwide.
  2. Turtle Network is based on a tech stack called scorex (funded by IOHK).
  3. Turtle Network is the first successful fork of the Waves platform and supported by a number of key players from inside the Waves ecosystem.
  4. Approximately 76% of the entire supply of TN is already staked.
  5. There is a built-in Decentralized Exchange (DEX) inside the Turtle Network wallet able to handle over 100 transactions per second.
  6. Turtle Network just completed its one millionth transaction.
  7. ERC-20 gateways are live.

What is Turtle Network’s value proposition?

  1. Open, transparent, and collaborative discussions and decisions.
  2. Open developer-friendly environment.
  3. Gateway Framework allows other network coins or tokens to utilize the Turtle Network, DEX, Telegram tipping bot & access to the strong Turtle Community. The Turtle Network utilizes Gateways for bi-directional token transfer on/off the network, in a quick and seamless manner.
  4. ICO Due Diligence (IDD) framework to assist ICO holder with Due Diligence and investor with risk management.
  5. Telegram tipping and instant trade bot.
  6. We aspire to allow the community to be actively involved in binding decisions through blockchain voting (secure, transparent & fair)

With the main foundation now in place, the Turtle Network is looking to list coins/tokens from other platforms.

So, what additional reasons are there for you list your coin/token on Turtle Network?

  • Coin/token Gateway listing is inexpensive and includes self-managed options. There is a promotion running at the moment.
  • Listing a coin on Turtle Network helps support a grassroots project that has great tech and is not some blood-sucking for-profit corporation.
  • The Turtle Network telegram community is very tightly-knit has over 1,500 cryptocurrency enthusiasts, many of which are welcoming new projects with open arms and helping create exposure to those projects.
  • Every listed project gets access to the telegram tipping bot which allows people to easily tip and trade a coin/token from within telegram without having to go through technical setup of making a wallet.
  • Tip bot allows people to tip your coin/token. This gives you an opportunity to really spread the circulation of your token via community.
  • Trade bot allows people to buy and sell your coin/token without having to even leave the comfort and safety of telegram.

Social Media Links;

Web: blackturtle.eu
Telegram Group: https://t.me/blackturtle
Telegram User: @Black_Turtle
Email: support@blackturtle.eu

GSC: At the Forefront of a Revolution

With the continuing emergence of blockchain technology disrupting the more conventional forms of practices today, we take a closer look at the vision outlined by Genesis Supply Chain on exactly how they plan to solve some of the most common issues, in one of the biggest industries suffering from a lack of autonomous management. We are, of course, referring to the supply chain industry. Although to most this is an industry flying relatively low under the radar in terms of attention, it certainly is one that could potentially be revolutionised by the utilization of this new and wonderful technology.

The supply chain industry makes up two thirds of global GDP, making it patently obvious that with a positive restructuring of the way this industry operates, we could see some drastically improved statistics. Whether by means of human error or a lack of general technical procedures, the supply chain industry is currently fraught with problems.

Serious investors in blockchain solutions will take note of how well the technology could potentially revitalise any particular industry, and there’s no doubt that the supply chain is one particular sector in need of a serious re-boot. GSC Platform aim to be at the forefront of that particular revolution!


Wide and complex supplier’s clusters constantly appear and produce connected objects
(IoT) which are getting more and more innovative, having an impact on traditional
approaches for the supply chain industry. A company might have to deal with thousands of
suppliers and partners through various industries to fulfil its client’s needs.

In Deloitte’s article* regarding risks impacting the supply chain, companies highlight their
difficulty to manage sudden demand changes as well as the mark-up erosion, mainly due to
globalization and worldwide connectivity. Indeed, companies have no other choice
than trusting their stakeholders – internal and external to control the various flows of
their business activity. Even by using outsourcing as a lever, numerous companies fail
when they attempt finding a reliable visibility on their whole supply chain and remain
dependent on their stakeholders.

In any efficient supply chain system, partners share data, financial information or even
intellectual property. Beyond contracts, audits and insurance, trust in integrity and
performance of everyone is a priceless asset. However, in wide and fluid systems,
constructors lack visibility regarding data and activities of each stakeholder, implying trust
must be built another way. In these situations, where a high volume of transaction between
actors which most often do not know each other, quickness, trust and efficiency become
vital. An automated and outsourced blockchain solution based on sharing and data management appears as logical. Please see below some cases of blockchain utilization among various industries:

-Moog is developing a blockchain platform to share in complete safety details of computer assisted design aircraft parts with its suppliers.

-Maersk and IBM are working on cross-border and crossed transactions using blockchain technology to improve process efficiency.

Blockchain Matters

Blockchain is a wide outsourced network of computers, recording every transaction
made by a member of the chain in a shared register (blockchain) which is
continuously and collectively updated live. In addition, a consensual algorithm
working in each of the computers ensure the validity of each transaction and prevents
fraud, malware attacks as well as data forging.

In any industry, whichever sector, holding data regarding the product quality and being
able to locate the supplier of a faulty component is essential for the main actors
of the sector. Moreover, reliable and verifiable characteristics of blockchain technology
shape a quick and efficient answer to fraud detection processes. Blockchain technology will
improve safety, speed, and make those ecosystems more reactive.

Today, supply chain industry represents two third of the global GDP (around 54 thousand
billion dollars worldwide). However, the increasing segmentation of economics, safety
and fluidity brought by blockchain technology to financial operation, will drastically reduce
risks linked to loans.

Thus, those loans will make the SME activity soar, being billion dollars opportunities for the
global supply chain market.

Purchasing services play an essential part in companies’ organization. With a
portfolio representing 40-80 % of the global revenue, the buyer is at the centre as he
is the link between all services (internal clients such as production, commercial, financial),
with clients but also and mainly with suppliers.

Please see below a simplified process of production among the industry:

Purchasing department is at the center of each company, in any industrial sector.
Its efficiency is essential for the good development of the company.

The relationship Buyer – Supplier:

  • Suppliers bring you a wider business network.
  • A good partner (buyer or supplier) becomes an efficient shield to face competition.
  • He strongly develops the company’s growth.
  • He increases the ROI.

It is clear that choosing a partner shall not only be made regarding its price offer. In this
case, you might make some quick savings but on the longer term, if your supplier is not
efficient, your ROI will be minimal.

Numerous factors will sway the choice of your supplier. Its prices obviously, but we should
also assess the quality-price ratio, quality of service, its reliability, speed in terms of
execution and other criterion which are all to be borne in mind to make the good

In the current supply chain, purchaser must go through tedious, manual and time
consuming tasks. Moreover, companies work on centralized database, prone to industrial
espionage and not connected with clients and supplier’s systems. In addition, spare
parts market is threatened by counterfeiting and documents forging, which are at the
origin of dead weight loss as well as risky in terms of human lives (plane accident, train

In this context, GSC Platform, thanks to the Blockchain technology, brings:

  • An outsourced ecosystem.
  • A higher data safety.
  • A process automation.
  • A digital link between every actor’s databases.
  • A mark-up save for companies and a higher safety for consumers among sensitive


Founders Vision

Provided with more than 7 years of experience as a purchaser in the aviation area, Maxime Legros has noticed that tools and communication channels available do not fit, leading to a
deadweight loss for their company. After discovering Blockchain technology in 2016, studying technologies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, Maxime sees, via Blockchain, the ideal solution to improve purchasing processes.

I have thought GSC Platform, ever since its creation, as a way to create a virtuous circle in the relationship between suppliers and buyers, by improving trust, avoiding time consuming tasks for the purchaser. For me, the buyer is the engine of every company, and by using GSC Platform, he spares time in favour of added value missions, such as negotiating or searching for new suppliers.

“GSC ERP 3.0 will adapt to any company, regardless of its activity area or its size and substantially improve purchaser’s efficiency. The company will increase its mark-up without a need for weighty contribution nor modifying its intern processes.

My wish is to make GSC Platform the ultimate solution for every stakeholder of the industry, and to be pioneers in terms of purchase process improvement among cutting edge technologies such as Hyperloop, drones or IA.

The industry we are building together today will be our kid’s tomorrow!”


Learn more at https://gscplatform.io/

GSC Platform is the Future of the Supply Chain.. on the Blockchain!

The Supply Chain Industry is a 54 Trillion U$D Industry!


The main source of expenses for companies is related to purchases and it is up to 80% of the total expenses. The current supply chain process is full of tedious and time consuming tasks for the purchasing department.

The lack of transparency (parts certification-counterfeited parts), speed, security and automation lead to huge losses for companies and significant delays in their sales, while jeopardising their customers safety.


We provide to businesses a blockchain backed purchasing management software to bring them an easy way to handle their supply chain process. Businesses will be autonomous to improve their sale margins and secure their own data.

The purchasing processes are crucial. When the purchasers are efficient in their work, the
company saves time, money and improves its sales margins.


GSC Platform implements GSC ERP 3.0 blockchain technology to allow any company in the world to use a purchase management software, based on blockchain, to handle its purchase as well as commercial relations. This ready-to-use technology is easy to set up, allows savings in terms of time and money through the purchasing process, securing and improving relationships between stakeholders. The features will be created on the public blockchain via smart contract (ETC) and IPFS and the data will be secured and stored on a permissioned/private blockchain (Hyperledger). The blockchain technology used by GSC Platform for its GSC ERP 3.0 product offers an efficient way to fight against authentication problems, counterfeiting as well as industrial espionage.

GSC has 4 key features which together form the GSC ERP 3.0






A powerful IT platform to provide a real time business analysis and being a constant support for our users through their supply chain process.

The platform is IT tools dedicated to SMEs. Indeed, GSC’s team provides IT tools in order all analyses are stored and available in the user’s dashboard in real time. The Purchaser has a complete vision of their Purchasing areas, current purchase orders and the archiving. In a few clicks they are able to get all the information needed and can search through the daily tasks of the buyer.

               IT Tools

The purchaser has the real time vision of his suppliers portfolio with a tracking of   their performance.

Decentralized Blockchain Database

Supply chain professionals are protected against industrial espionage.


All users make business together and this increases the global trust significantly.

Immutable Records

Users secure and store indefinitely their business’s data at no cost.



Smart contracts technology is in the heart of the GSC Platform’s ecosystem to provide automation, speed and trust in businesses between purchasers, suppliers and freight forwarders.

Based on the Smart Contract blockchain Technology, GSC Smart Purchases manages the purchase orders of GSC Platform’s users and secures the transaction and the purchase orders information into the blockchain.


No need of a third party as a bank or insurance policy

Instant Payment

For cash in advance as the payment method for a purchase order. The fees for payment are only cents worth of $.


The smart contracts are automatically and self-executed into the blockchain.


A blockchain technology to track every part or component in any industry which brings trust between supply chain’s parties.

The traceability is a main concern for supply chain professionals and companies as the lack of transparency in the parts’ traceability leads to huge losses for companies. Furthermore and above all,this could lead to accidents even to human deaths in some industries such as the Transportation or the Pharmaceutical Industries.


The tamper-proof data/part certificates implemented into the blockchain guarantee that the part aren’t counterfeited. It brings safety for the consumers.

Users self regulation of the ecosystem

Suppliers are accredited by GSC Platform users’ whom validate the authenticity of the data/certificate. It increases suppliers’ reputation in the market.


We are ready to disrupt the Supply Chain Industry! Take a look at our new and improved website here!

Useful Links:

Official Website- https://gscplatform.io/home.html
Facebook-           https://www.facebook.com/GSCPlatform
Twitter-              https://twitter.com/GSCPlatform
Telegram-           https://t.me/GSCPlatformOfficial
Linkedin-            https://www.linkedin.com/company/gscplatform
Youtube-            https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1Sh6OUnImZOajl6_Imzl9w
Medium-             https://medium.com/@gscplatform
Reddit-               https://www.reddit.com/r/GSCPlatform
Instagram-        https://www.instagram.com/gscplatform/

Crypto exchange Binance unveils preview of new DEX

Binance, a leading bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange today unveiled a preview of their new (DEX). In a few months, the community-driven decentralized exchange will launch and enable traders to issue and exchange digital assets without having to deposit onto the central exchange. Development has gone from concept to built interfaces, check out a sneak peek of how it works below.

The decentralized exchange is built on top of Binance Chain and will use Binance Coin (BNB) as the native asset.

  • Send and receive BNB to anyone on the DEX
  • Issue new tokens
  • Send tokens to others on the DEX, and receive some in return
  • Burn tokens as needed
  • Freeze some tokens, and unfreeze them later
  • Propose new trading pairs, with the whole community having a say on the merits of the pairing
  • Send buy and sell orders through trading pairs the community created

Binance DEX makes it possible for funds to be more ‘SAFU’ than ever before. Users can have their DEX funds secured through decentralized wallet applications like Trust Wallet, which will store private keys only on a user’s personal device, so traders can retain full control over their funds and private keys.

Binance DEX will be maintained as a community project and is expected to launch early next year, while details on when Binance Coin will transition from ERC20 token to native Binance Chain asset will be revealed shortly.

To see an earlier preview of the Binance DEX, which shows how the coding works for the decentralized exchange, see below:


Author: cryptoninjas
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Grayscale keeps buying BTC in the bear market, now owns 1% of circulating supply

The current prolonged bear cycle doesn’t always mean selloff, Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust chose to pile up their Bitcoin stack, instead.

Not everyone is dumping their Bitcoin in the prolonged bear cycle. Digital Currency Group’s asset manager, Grayscale, for instance, is reported to have been piling up their Bitcoin stack while the bear is ruling.

According to Diar, Grayscale’s Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) now owns 203,000 BTC, making them the owner of more than 1% of total Bitcoin circulating supply.

As of writing time, the total holding is worth around $790,530,608, which makes them the largest Bitcoin institutional investor.

Grayscale Bitcoin ownership

The above chart clearly shows that when Bitcoin price was decreasing, the amount of Bitcoin owned by Grayscale was instead increasing.

It seems like the prolonged bear market doesn’t make Bitcoin trust less appealing to accredited investors. According to Grayscale’s website, it is set for trading at 22% premium over current Bitcoin price.

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