The Robust Application of Ethereum DAO in Waste Management


To adequately understand the application of Ethereum DAO in waste management, an examination of the basic concepts becomes necessary. One such concept is Ethereum.

Ethereum refers to a decentralized platform on the blockchain technology that allows developers to build and deploy decentralized applications (dApps). Ethereum runs smart contracts and these smart contracts are applications which run exactly as they are programmed. As such, they eliminate the possibility of third-party interference, censorship, downtime, and fraud.

According to Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, the Ethereum dream began from the imagination of a platform that transcends just the financial use cases that are allowed by Bitcoin. Buterin has expressed hope that Ethereum will become the solution for all the use cases of blockchain that do not have a specialized system to aid their operations.

Since its inception, it has gone ahead to experience rapid growth and has also enjoyed rapid adoption by a lot of developers. Several companies are also contributing directly or indirectly to the adoption of Ethereum. For instance, JP Morgan and Microsoft are reportedly some of the organizations that have committed to support Ethereum development through the establishment of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. This alliance has the sole purpose of ensuring that the potential of Ethereum is realized across all industries.

Ethereum has contributed to the development of advanced solutions across several industries and the waste management industry is not left out. Waste management refers to all actions and activities involved in dealing with waste right from the production of the waste to its final disposal. That would include, waste collection, transportation, treatment, disposal, and even recycling.

Among other things, waste is managed so as to reduce the adverse effects of improper waste management on health and the environment. However, there is an inadequacy in the current waste management systems. Problems such as lack of proper collection mechanisms, disposal methods, and even lack of in-depth knowledge by the individuals about the environment have all contributed to the inadequacy of the current system. There is, therefore, a need to adopt a system that can foster proper waste management globally.

It is in this sense that the application of Ethereum DAO in the waste management system becomes highly relevant.

Ethereum DAO

DAO also was known as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization is simply an organization operated on smart contracts. Ethereum DAO is one of Ethereum applications and is designed to eliminate the need for middlemen. It can be programmed to digitally achieve all that traditional companies can, even in a more efficient manner. Smart contracts on which the Ethereum DAO operates are simply programs that execute functions just the exact way the creators developed them. Smart contracts can be used for different purposes, including but not limited to transferring of funds and can also be used in the waste management industry. For instance, the smart contracts can be set up to automatically transfer rewards to individuals that have properly managed their waste.

How Swachhcoin Projects Solves Waste Management Issues Using Ethereum Blockchain
Swachhcoin was developed on the Ethereum Blockchain and that endows it with the general innate features of the Blockchain technology. Swachhcoin was specifically built to solve waste management problems using the Ethereum Blockchain and it seeks to do that through different methods.

For one, Swachhcoin uses an extensive infrastructure that comprises of different smart contracts where all actions in the waste management process will be initiated and recorded in a transparent, traceable and irreversible manner. This gives room for adequate transparency in the waste management process. The fundamental properties and nature of the blockchain technology are such that altering codes, influencing or tampering with them are impossible.

Also, several DAO based actions are being carried out using the Ethereum blockchain so as to streamline the traditional functioning of the current waste management industry that is run on an obsolete infrastructure. This, in the long-run, will aid a faster and more effective waste management process while also eliminating all the issues characterizing the current waste management system.

The Swachh DAO, asides the typical features of a blockchain, also has advanced features.

For instance, the SwBIN is programmed in such a way that it allows the feature of decentralized advertisement. With this feature, a Swachh token holder can use his tokens to pay for the advertisement of specific content on SwBIN at any location of his choice.

Swachhcoin also has the Rural Welfare program, the operation of which will be aided by the Swachh DAO. The Rural Welfare Program is a program which is neither philanthropic nor charitable. It is majorly an innovative program to set up waste storage facilities in some villages (and subsequent expansion to other villages) to encourage the villagers to store their waste in the waste storage facility. The waste will be collected and the village will receive the monetary reward in the form of Rural Welfare Funds based on the calculations done by the SwBIN reward calculator. It is expected that the reward will be used for the development of such villages. This process is aided by the Swachh DAO.

Another feature of the Swachh DAO is the Autonomous Philanthropy, where Swachhcoin funds for donation purposes are transferred to specific organizations in a manner which is fair and transparent. The infrastructure that exists on the Swachhcoin eliminates the possibility of funds not being distributed to the organization or person for which it was originally intended. All these are made possible as a result of the implementation of the Swachh DAO infrastructure.


The Swachhcoin through the robust application of Ethereum DAO has a lot of potential benefits both in the short term and in the long run. Such benefits include the creation of a global decentralized waste management ecosystem, the provision of a network that offers extensive infrastructure necessary for proper waste management and the positive alteration of people’s perception about waste to see it as a profitable untapped resource. In addition, it will also benefit the environment as it will lead to an improvement in the environment and ultimately contribute to the profitability of the waste management industry.

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Passive Income Opportunity for SRXIO Token Holders

Securix plans to use the funds raised from the sale to set up a mining operation based in the Netherlands. Achievement of the $42.35 million sale hard cap will ensure that the company can launch at maximum operational capacity

SecurixTherefore, in the unlikely event that the token sale does not reach the hard cap, Securix can still commence mining, but with capacity for increased productivity—and, in turn, increased return on investment—once the operation is up and running.

Investing in the SRXIO token offers a unique opportunity to participate in gross revenue sharing from the company’s Bitcoin mining operation. Each month, the company will distribute 45% of all mined Bitcoin gross revenues to its token holders—an ongoing passive income opportunity.

A Healthy Alternative to Cloud Mining

Unlike cloud mining operations that offer a 1-2 month time cap in the event of unprofitability, Securix is offering a longer-term proposition by way of its fund reserve mechanism.

While the price of Bitcoin remains above $5,000, investors can expect to see returns starting at around 44%, rising to 137% if Bitcoin goes above $10,000.

However, in recognition of the volatility in cryptocurrency values, Securix will be putting aside 10% of the initial funds raised through the token sale as a reserve. This will serve to maintain the mining operation if the price of Bitcoin should fall below $4,000.
Strategic Allocation of Funds

While a healthy 45% of mining gross revenues will be paid out to SRXIO token holders each month, a further 10% will be reinvested in the company through a token buyback program.

The funds from the buyback will generally be used for mining hardware upgrades and for token burning, to secure the value and fix the supply of SRXIO tokens in circulation. If a bear run on Bitcoin is prolonged and the reserve funds are depleted, Securix plans to use the 10% buy back to replenish the reserve at the first opportunity after the Bitcoin price recovers.

SecurixResponsible, Sustainable, and Profitable Mining

In a further commitment to sustainability, Securix is partnering with EXE Energy, which operates a decentralised energy trading platform called EAN-2-EAN. In doing so, EXE Energy is able to provide electricity at a lower cost and from a large number of green energy generators, increasing the sustainability of energy sources while allowing Securix to bypass costly intermediaries.

Further information about the Securix operation, together with its commitment to securing a long-term passive income potential for token holders can be found in the white paper, on the company website.

A World-Class Team of Professionals

The team at Securix are Dutch nationals who are also based in the Netherlands, giving them full oversight of the company’s operations. CEO Jac Donkersloot and COO Damian Strauss are both experienced industry professionals.

They believe the Netherlands offers one of the best locations for a Bitcoin mining operation, due to its political stability, ease of doing business, fast internet speeds, and well developed digital infrastructure. The Securix team has already secured suitable premises, with space for 24,000 units capable of mining around 24.5 BTC per day.

The company has also committed to a sustainable reinvestment strategy whereby 10% of gross revenues will be shared between purchasing new hardware and a token buyback and burn program. These measures will secure the value of the SRXIO token in the longer term.

Securix will commence mining operations in February 2019, and thereafter token pay outs will be made at the end of each month.

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Covex is set to implement the next-generation trader-friendly blockchain-based platform

CoVEX coin, which is a revenue-generating cryptocurrency, will be implemented on Ethereum blockchain under ERC223 standards and a total volume of 150,000,000 CoVEX tokens will be made available for interested participants during the ICO that is set to run from 15th November 2018


In order to ensure that traders who trade in the cryptocurrency market are not restricted from attaining their full potential due to the challenges associated with the current p2p systems, team CoVEX has, therefore, decided to set up this blockchain-based platform that will be the future of trading.

The CoVEX project will be an all-in-one platform where traders can exchange cryptocurrencies, take loans, use a payment gateway & prepaid card services, copy trade skills and compete with each other’s trades within their investment groups.

The CoVEX project has assembled Blockchain Developers, Cryptographers, System Analysts and Database Developers with decades of experience and a proven track record in implementing related platforms.

“Our principal goal is to become an industry standard and a one-stop shop for trading in tokenized funds,” said J Mohan, founder & CEO. He stated further that; “the CoVEX mission is to connect traders by creating a one-stop evolving platform where payment providers, developers, merchants, tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs interact.”

In order to ensure that traders who trade in the cryptocurrency market are not restricted from attaining their full potential due to the challenges associated with the current p2p systems, team CoVEX has, therefore, decided to set up this Blockchain-based platform that will be the future of trading.

The CoVEX building it’s platform in consideration with the evolution of the decentralized landscape, CoVEX provides its users transparency in transactions with enhanced security and assured of absolute control over their trading funds and investments.


For more information or inquiries about the CoVEX platform please visit :

Official website







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Explore the AR-world of IZX and get real benefits

Explore the AR-world of IZX and get real benefits

What is special about the IZX game?

The company applies the concept of the AR gameplay to loyalty programs. Usually, to increase the loyalty of their customers, companies give out discount coupons and promo codes. That’s nice, but not really interesting. IZX offers a different approach.

Customers need to find and catch tokens scattered in the streets of their cities. After this tokens can be exchanged for gifts, discounts or special offers. That’s a fascinating and challenging game for those who are ready to hunt for tokens located in hard-to-get-to places and exchange them for valuable prizes.

Conventional advertising, predictable marketing & standard promotion channels are in the past. Today you have to work hard to keep your target audience engaged. Or, just join the game!

Gaming is interesting, exciting, stress & carefree. In addition, if the game combines the latest technologies, such as blockchain and augmented reality, it is even more attractive to the young people.

IZX is changing the approach to ad campaigns. This is the future that starts right now.

What also distinguishes IZX?

This project utilizes another popular modern technology — blockchain. The tokens are stored in the blockchain, which makes all transactions conducted on the platform reliable and secure.

And most importantly — using IZX platform you can:

  • get valuable prizes and discounts
• become a trapper of crypto-currencies
• exchange game tokens for bitcoins, ethers and other cryptocurrency
• create your own unique games
• innovate your business

With IZX everything is easier — anyone can get benefits:

  • The player benefits from the possibility of exchanging game tokens for cryptocurrency, as well as discounts and services from advertisers-partners of the platform.
  • Partners benefit from the influx of people into their institutions.
  • Mobile developers use the platform and get a unique chance to monetize their ideas with the help of modern technology product.

Now IZX is already a realized airdrop platform where other ICO projects place their tokens.

Every day more and more large business networks, restaurants, shops and schools join IZX platform.

11 projects
194k airdrop tokens gathered

19 businesses
13k gift tokens gathered

How to quantify the IZX impact?

IZX is able to reach high-quality audience that understands gaming and blockchain technology. Some data about our users:

  •  67k downloads in 8 month
  •  250 daily gaming man-hours
  •  200 user base from over 50 countries
  •  1,000 KM walked daily by our users using the app
  •  25k MAU

In September of 2018 IZX will enter a crypto exchange.

IZX Crowd Sale is LIVE and you can get IZX tokens with 0.2 ETH minimum buy. The price for 1 IZX ERC-20 is 0.01 USD.

For more information:

AVATARA – immediately moving around the world without language barriers.

ICO has started!

So, act fast and get on board!

 Imagine entering an “Avatara body”,
Steering another person, at another location on earth,
Seeing what they see, experiencing what they experience.
What would you do first? Where would you go first?”
Anders Larsson, co-founder allcoinWiki
Avatara Advisor, Top 5 ICObench Advisors

Disrupting the telepresence industry.

AVATARA – immediate moving around the world without language barriers.

 *We are the first to come up with the idea and publish it in the Mass Media*

There was no proper internet connection in early 2011. Now in 2018, the time for AVATARA has come, and we create a new profession and a new service for millions of people across the globe.

Who is Avatara? – Person, Robot, Drone ?

Avatara is a new job for anybody worldwide. Everyone can be an Avatara – both a professional reporter with the proper equipment or just a person with Google glasses or a mobile phone with a camera. Everybody has a mobile phone or a tablet PC that inevitably entails mass using of AVATARA.

Avatara connects with you, and you see their world through their eyes, hear as if it’s your own ears, move wherever you need and communicate with associates. You can even have a translation inserted.

What is the AVATARA service? – All the world telepresence services gathered at the single portal that is the biggest platform of the user-generated content.

AVATARA is a service for the mass use right from the very start. It’s a decentralized platform and a mobile application for searching, communication, and secure transactions between all participants of the service. Smart contracts provide safe deals, and the mobile app – the convenience and the mobility.

Why do we use the blockchain?

The blockchain is the essential component of AVATARA services because of its transparency and security. The blockchain allows each party to see the full history of a contractor from registering up to the last deal with no opportunity for data garbling.

AVATARA makes a significant contribution and expands the global infrastructure of blockchain use, that is so significant for the crypto community at this moment.

How does it work? – There are two main approaches – when you steer Avatara and when a guide-interpreter guides you.

Approach No. 1

A telepresence service for the immediate moving to any location in the world by renting an Avatara person and an Interpreter (optional). All parties (Customer – Avatara – Interpreter) are connected through the Internet and communicate with each other using services like Skype.

  • The customer can get to any place of Avatara presence and:
  • See everything the Avatara sees;
  • Hear everything the Avatara hears;
  • Move within the area (steering the Avatara, telling him where to go and what to do);
  • Consult with the Avatara any questions about local habits and aspects;
  • To communicate with people around the Avatara, without language barriers and be visible for them.

Approach No. 2

However, not only can you steer the Avatara, the different option is when a guide-interpreter directs you and is translating for you, being a local guide for a foreign guest.

Imagine you arrive in Beijing as a tourist, found a local guide-interpreter on the AVATARA portal, connected with him and broadcast everything you see from your mobile phone. You can also use your video glasses or purchase branded AVATARA glasses in a vending machine at any airport in the world. The guide shows you the way, translates what you see and if needed communicates with people around you. Thus you immediately acquire a virtual guide-interpreter at a low price. Millions of people travel around the world and AVATARA makes their journey more comfortable.

How does a Customer find an Avatara? 

We have a user-friendly interactive map at the portal.

The Customer enters our portal with the world map and finds the desired location.

Numerous coloured dots on the map are Avatars with different options and equipment. The Customer sends a request, receives confirmation and a secure deal is created, and their telepresence session begins. Upon broadcast completion, the deal closes, and parties (an Avatara or an Interpreter) receive their payment.

Avatara is the scale of Uber or Airbnb, and we also make the spatial movement as available as is possible.

The proposed telepresence model has almost no difference with personal presence, except for substantial saving of time and money. Own presence is available for only 15% of the world population – the rest, 85%, cannot afford to move around the world, because of the costs involved. Just imagine – you can in a few minutes hire an Avatara and spend $70-100 instead of booking tickets and a hotel, wasting your time and $1000 on a trip. The money you can save, you can spend a better way, for example, on your family – that’s awesome!

Where to apply Avatara service?

  • Mass Media – High quality content from freelance reporters without commissions of agencies and intermediaries. Fresh and fast content for SM and YouTube bloggers.
  • Marketing – New markets or products research. Avatara as a promo staff for retail.
  • Business – Business agreements, buying product samples, supply quality control – as an alternative for business trips.
  • Education – Attend conferences, events, lectures, visit museums.
  • Social life – Solving various issues (personal, domestic) for people with disabilities or other possible limitations.
  • Tourism – Guide-interpreter in a foreign country, city, anywhere.
  • Shopping – Your representative at Christmas sales or a Black Friday in Milan.
  • Real estate – Property preview, communication with neighbours, surroundings inspection.
  • Entertainment – Adventure games, visiting and playing the casino in Las-Vegas.

The project is going to be a centre of worldwide news and events.

That’s why we decided to create our own news channel the “A*News” to gather all telepresence service providers at one global portal.

What is the financial model? – The total minimum is about 14,480,000 orders per year in 251 countries.

We receive a % of each transaction completed using our platform and the percentage from all purchases using AVATARA shopping services. Commercials at “A*News” channel, subscription fees and providing of the user-generated content market. We also plan to produce gadgets under our “AVATARA” trademark and sell it using our partners network.

Why do we think AVATARA is destined to succeed?

We offer the world the service that saving time and money along with creating millions of workplaces. All these advantages are crucial in our modern world, where companies and individuals are always in the exploration of new opportunities to save expenses and for earning a living.

Our services are already in high demand and supposed to work right at the start. Stringers (freelance reporters), YouTube bloggers, guide-interpreters, robots, and drones are the enormous disparate market that we unite at AVATARA.

Soon, the connection between the Customer and the Avatara will be direct “Conscience–Conscience,” and even though now, it seems fantastic, the world is changing rapidly, and many countries are already working on that technology.

AvataraCoin (aVaTaRa – VTR-token) description:

60% of VTR tokens to be sold to investors during Pre Sale, Pre ICO, and ICO stages. Unrealized tokens supposed to be burned.

19% of VTR tokens are reserved for the Bounty Affiliate Program, R&D and for the system maintenance in 251 countries of the world (Pre Sale, Pre ICO, ICO, after ICO).

21% of VTR-tokens are intended for the fund founders, worldwide partners, and the service developers (after ICO). This amount will be frozen for a year.

AvataraCoin (VTR) will have high demand as it’s the only means of payment for all provided AVATARA services.

AvataraCoin (VTR) is a utility token (proved by Howey test) and is purchased for using AVATARA services.

Advisors: Larsson, Holmer, Bergstrom, Pinchuk.
Founders: Ignatenko, Isakov.


Official Telegram :

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We are the first who came up with the idea and published it in Mass Media

WMPRO ready to disrupt word-of-mouth referral market

The word-of-mouth referral market is worth over 189 billion dollars and contains over 116 million operators. It allows individuals to participate in economic activity without needing too many qualifications and in some cases can make people millionaires.

However, the market suffers from many problems, such as the spread of misinformation and embezzlement of funds.

The phenomenon of fake news is not only limited to political discourse. Online social networks have allowed untrue information to flow into the public’s view. The market requires a means by which information concerning companies and operators can be certified in a secure, transparent manner. This can be provided by WM Professional (WMPRO) and the Eucleia blockchain platform.

The WMPRO blockchain through Eucleia – its platform – is the first global certificatory rating system connecting the word-of-mouth operators, based on blockchain principles. This concept will be extended to any profession and market.

The Eucleia Platform is a pioneer in bringing blockchain technology to word-of-mouth marketing firms. It has a rating system which is tamper proof thanks to cryptographic algorithms. It is a Professional Social Network which will reward users for providing new data and will improve their rating score. Participants will receive a ‘WMPRO Certified’ sticker to place on their websites which will act as a guarantee of verifiable information.


The Eucleia platform will be launch just 3 months after the WMPRO token sale ends.

The WMPRO token is an ERC20 compliant token and will be sold in a token sale event which will allow the WMPRO community to contribute to growing the ecosystem by purchasing WMPRO tokens. These will act as utility tokens which are meant to be used for Premium Services. They do not represent a share of the company’s equity.

WMPRO tokens are spendable on the platform, and the increase of the number of users in the community will generate a true decentralization to protect token price as well.

We may fore see the ‘WMPRO Certified’ sticker going viral, triggering a compound effect of the token value.

The WMPRO token Sale begins on 20th July, 2018 and goes on till 31th October, 2018. During the first period participants will see up to 40 percent bonus on tokens’ purchase.

Contact Francesca: Email

AVINOC The Blockchain Solution Disrupting the Global Aviation Business

What is AVINOC? The original name is Aviation Network Operation Chain. It is a platform for the global General Aviation (GA) business, using a new concept and innovative Blockchain technology. It aims to bring the power of decentralization and the speed of blockchain systems into the GA, especially into the Business Aviation (BizAv) sector and as a second step consequently into the Airline Business.

June 23rd, 2018. Hong Kong. To put it simply, AVINOC brings passengers, airlines, air traffic control and travel agencies together. This means that classical, old-school booking companies like or will in future lose some or much of their business. Blockchain technology allows for direct link between players and AVINOC cuts out the middleman, the intermediary which used to bring passengers and airlines together when it comes to flight bookings. Also, other services can be provided: Booking can be done much easier for groups in the future, you would know better who is travelling where and can bring friends together on the platform, like circles.

Blockchain technology enables us to get in touch with our airline provider similar to telegram; simple, easy and with much better, faster services.


AVINOC is a platform for the worldwide coordination of business flight activities within general aviation. By it’s very nature, it is decentralized and completely transparent while protecting the privacy of both individuals and companies. AVINOC has been designed to achieve optimal resource utilization and reduce costs significantly. It’s main goal is to overcome the shortcomings associated with current aviation businesses, such as opaque and complex processes, high costs for intermediaries and brokers as well as delayed flights.

Thus, AVINOC will also reduce a lot of empty flights! Planes with no passengers on board shall be avoided, air carriers will be filled and better standby-options will be offered. This will ensure that flights are more efficiently used making them cheaper to the end customers like tourists or business people. The second interesting aspect is that by reducing empty flights, fuel consumption will also be substantially reduced which is beneficial to the environment and reduces greenhouse gas emission.

The days of manual order processing and information retrieval via e-mail, telephone or fax – currently considered to be “best practice” especially in the business aviation industry will come to an end. Going far beyond established technologies, AVINOC will allow for direct bookings and payment in the BizAv on a global scale by constantly making all relevant data available to the user. It’s 2018, but – believe it or not – it may still take more than eight hours of human labour to organize a single business flight.

AVINOC will change all that. For the very first-time, bookings of individual flights will be possible instantly and without any third-party involvement.

AVINOC will facilitate an optimized crew management, e.g. by paying salaries and fees directly, on time and across borders. It will support the ordering and payment of fuel globally as well as refuelling in time to make business trips more economic. Using AVINOC will result in a significant process speed-up and cost reduction to the benefit of the customer as well as the supplier. What is more, AVINOC will provide the basis for a complete automation of Business Aviation – particularly in view of the future of autonomous flying.

Due to the ever-increasing complexity of the coordination process, intermediaries such as brokers and their broker-portals have continually been raising prices at an alarming rate. AVINOC will eliminate all those costs by completely forgoing the intermediaries. It will empower the customer and cut through the complexity.

Aviation Disruption

AVINOC forms a superset of a Blockchain solution, not only for BizAv but for the entire aviation business. Overcoming the highly complex BizAv structure will build a strong foundation for solving similar problems, only of lesser complexity prevalent in the Airline Business. Following the “Facebook Story” by first implementing AVINOC in BizAv, as Facebook did for universities, scheduled Airline and Charter Business will be the next logical step of AVINOC’s worldwide development.

Since the 1960’s, the organization of airline air travel has been steered by the same technology, even to this day. This system is generally known as the Global Distribution System (GDS). In this system, transactions are made between airlines and travel agencies that offer air travel to passengers. This market is dominated by three players worldwide. Apart from the GDS and as a more recent development, numerous price comparison and booking portals have emerged over the last two decades, separating airlines from customers and leading to a lack of transparency. Technical innovation is urgently needed to break this artificial overpriced system and to restrengthen the airline market from the inside.

AVINOC creates new concepts to manage the General Aviation Business and provides innovative solutions for airline ticketing. Effortless direct booking, time saving and empowerment of the traveller through lower ticket prices, as well as cost reduction for airlines and operators are the standards that we are setting for the future of the Aviation business.

Token Details

The strength of AVINOC is based on its generic model and the internal payment system, the first incarnation of which will be an ERC-20 token published on Ethereum. The token is a utilization token and will be traded on exchanges and circulated globally. AVINOC token will be required for writing data into the blockchain and as a means of spam protection and process optimization. It will be used for payments within the system e.g. to pay for tickets, crews, fuel, airport fees, handling, ATC (air traffic control), maintenance and much more.

There is a fixed amount of 1 Billion tokens, 40% of which will be for sale for the general public. The issuing price of each token will be USD $0.05 at the token sale.

Useful Links:

Visit the website:

Read the Whitepaper:

Chat on Telegram:

Meet the team:

Connect on Facebook:

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Media Contact

Name: Gernot Winter


AVINOC is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

What is ROOMDAO?

ROOMDAO is an online platform for travel all-in-one.

This is an integration of services such as:

  • Rent and exchange of real estate
  • Rent of all available vehicles
  • Booking of excursions, selection of guides
  • The largest list of all sights, bars and restaurants with decentralized ratings.
  • Access to all insurance companies for instant registration of a tourist policy.
  • Also the largest tourist information portal with all the information necessary for the traveller.

Companies such as AirBNB have already proved that the traditional hotel business is obsolete, but huge commissions significantly increase travel costs. ROOMDAO goes further and unites areas that have never been used before. Thanks to the use of Blockchain technology, ROOMDAO includes the latest standards in the field of security of user data storage, objective, rather than “twisted” ratings of service providers, a convenient payment system and, most importantly, using smart contracts, fulfilment of obligations among all participants of the tourism market.

Today’s globalized society needs sites where supply and demand will meet without intermediaries, where hospitality and tourism services can be provided without fees and where users can easily create any communities of interest. The ROOMDAO platform enables all providers of tourism services to directly contact their customers.

ICO tourist industry

In May 2018, the ROOMDAO project began pre-selling the RDC tokens. A total of 60,000,000 Roomcoin (RDC) will be released. Of which only 39.6 million will be realized during the ICO.

Only 12 000 000 RDC tokens left for PUBLIC SALE! All unsold tokens will be burned, and only the token holders will be able to use them later or sell them inside the platform or on crypto exchanges.

Benefits of tokens are:

  • Access to the platform and its full list of services
  • Easy exchange of any crypto and fiat currencies within the platform
  • Easy-to-Pay
  • Execution of the terms of the smart contract

The increase in the value of the token, as the number of participants on the platform and the services provided increases

Rules of tokensale and benefits to tokenholders

Attention to all Partners!

Only 2 days left before the first round of Roomdao token sale. It’s time to make the choice!
Even now you can register at whitelist and pass the KYC procedure by following the link —

Please remember, that the quantity of tokens at the public sale is limited. Only 12 000 000 RDC will be sold during the first round. Hard cap: 1 000 000 USD. The price of 1 token is 0.10 USD.

And the main thing — bonuses! :





The minimum purchase of the 0.2 ETH

Special AirDrop for the token-holders:

The token-holders will get an additional bonus every month in case of the token hold.

The 8% of the amount will be received every 1st day of the month, starting from 01.09.2018 up to the 01.03.2019.

Roomdao allocates 5 000 000 RDC from the total amount of the issued tokens as the bounty for the token-holders.

About the project:

Roomdao is the real saving of your expenses during the travelling. The working principle of the platform is very simple. Only in 1 minute the traveller can choose the most convenient living place, book the vehicle, order the tour, make acquainted with the local restaurants and bars, find out about the sightseeing attractions. And this is just straight from the source, without any charges.

Do you want to gain time and money and become the part of the real awesome and cool project?

Join the Roomdao ICO first round on July 1, 2018!


Official Website

Official Telegram -14k subscribers

Official Twitter-13K subscribers



MeFy is Set to Revolutionise the Healthcare Industry

At MeFy, we are developing the Future of Integrated Decentralised Healthcare Human Platform.

Sydney, Australia/Durgapur, India…

Have you ever stopped to wonder what it would be like if a fifth of the world’s population had their health record stored on a single digital platform? A platform open to doctors and healthcare providers that would speed up the process of sharing information while still ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of patient data. With this comes improved medical care to patients and medical research on new treatments and cures could be carried much more quickly than in the past.

We are not talking about a group of  countries here, just one – India.

This would sound like an impossible dream if we were to look at some of the current facts on India’s Health sector;

· India is a country of 638,000 Villages, most of them having no medical facilities

· 840 million population living in these villages or 70% of India’s population

· Just 1 government doctor for every 10,189 people

· One state-run hospital for every 90,343 people

· 11-12  beds  per  10,000  population  in  India

· PHC and CHS, either have no doctors or no equipment

The bottom line– It is a healthcare system at breaking point.

MeFy is here to change this situation for the better. Mefy endeavours to achieve this by deploying 5,500 secondary care clinics (MeFy  Edge Clinics) across India and 250,000 primary care clinics (MeFy Nano Clinics) across all Panchayats (Village Councils). This will have the effect of shifting much of the patient work-loads from oversubscribed and under-resourced public primary and secondary care facilities.

MeFy is an integrated health platform run on a distributed private blockchain network. The MeFy IOT powered diagnosis device is at the heart of the MeFy platform and used to diagnose patients accurately based on their past medical data, treatment adherence and current health parameter measurements. MeFy is using state of the art technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet-of-things, Blockchain and services like telemedicine to deliver high-quality healthcare services to all. By allowing patients to run an unlimited number of tests annually for a fixed fee, it typically reduces the cost of healthcare by over 80%, savings are even higher for chronic patients needing regular and frequent monitoring of their condition.

This has the potential to dramatically improve the healthcare industry and usher in a revolution in drug research and development, reducing doctor and hospital workloads as well as offering true “anytime & anywhere” medical access.

Mefy is a platform that will be leveraged and deployed globally in all countries, but we have a vision to especially empower developing and underdeveloped nations with “Accessible, Affordable and Authentic” healthcare.

At MeFy we are developing the Future of Integrated Decentralised Healthcare Human Platform.

Visit us at for more details.

Bit Coin Talk:                      

Hack the DAO: Blockchain Startup Daox to Announce a $100K Hacking Contest

Daox, the blockchain startup that provides the platform and the ecosystem for ICOs based on the concept of a decentralized autonomous organization, has announced $100k hacking
contest to make sure that their DAOs are safe.

According to the rules, participants should either find a way to completely freeze or steal the funds that reside on a DAO’s Ethereum smart contract. Anyone who is able to do this will be unconditionally rewarded with a $100k prize in bitcoins and an offer to join their team.

The safety of funds is probably the most important concern for those projects that are going to fundraise via cryptocurrencies, especially after the latest Parity incident when the funds turned out to be completely stuck in the Ethereum smart contract.

On top of that the credibility of the DAO concept suffered a negative impact after the famous “TheDAO” hack when the attacker managed to steal a vast amount of ether, which
consequently led to the hard fork in the Ethereum network.

Daox Project will obviously need to put in a lot of effort to make their users feel safe, and this contest might be considered as a good start for that.


Contest page :