Ledger and Trezor Black Friday Deals – Between 30% To 50% Discount

It’s Black Friday, and that means crazy cheap deals for much-needed Cryptocurrency products you have wanted for the last one year. Yesterday, we posted an article about Black Friday Crypto Product Deals To Keep An Eye On. From those mentioned, only two companies launched a Black Friday sale: Ledger and Trezor 



Image Source – Ledger

The Ledger Nano S is the product everyone will be eyeing given its specifications, and it’s capabilities of storing cryptocurrency safe online. It provides much-needed security for hodlers whether they are Bitcoin lovers or Ripple believers. There are in total 700 coins it supports, which makes for the ideal Thanksgiving gift to yourself or your better half if they love Cryptocurrency as much as you!

The deal this year is mind-boggling, the Matte black styled Ledger Nano S is for a 50% off! That’s the most considerable discount witnessed compared to previous Black Fridays.

Many tend to wait till Cyber Mondays to grab a better deal, but with a 50% off don’t even think the stock will wait for you.

The current price of the Ledger Nano S is €99.99 however if you opt for the Matte Black option it is for a steal at €49.99. The offer is available only until 26th November 2018 – So you’d better hurry.



Image Source – TrendPlus

Trezor is an advanced hardware wallet that ensures security for Cryptocurrency private keys. It ensures payments are made without private keys being exposed.

Black Friday brings the popular Trezor One at the forefront with a 33% discount plus a cover of your choice or three Trezor Model T’s for the price of two.

Trezor Model One has features such as Password Manager or a U2F two-factor authorization. While Trezor Model T is the premium version of the wallet, with a touchscreen, modern design and an SD card slot, if you wanted a Trezor, you would love to pick up one in this year’s Black Friday, the only problem will be you trying to decide whether you want the Trezor Model One or Trezor Model T.

If you are a little low on the budget pick up the Trezor Model Onewith a cover for €45, while 3 Trezor Model T’s will cost you  €298.

The Trezor One costs €54.45 without taxes while 3 Trezor Model T’s cost €360.58 without taxes. The Black Friday deal is a steal, that will allow you to save some money and buy extra Cryptocurrency while the markets are down.

Author: Amrit
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